Overhead Door Corporation offers the broadest line of electric door operators whether you are adding to a new construction, retrofitting an existing space, or needing to me unusual or special requirements. These operators meet the demanding performance requirements of Overhead Door’s upward-acting doors, so they are certain to provide trouble-free action and precise door control for years. For increased safety and a longer life for your door and motor, industry quality assurance guidelines advocate using one manufacturer for both your door and your operator. Overhead Door Corporation is the only manufacturer of a full line of commercial and industrial doors as well as operators specifically designed for integral applications.

Commercial Door Operator RSX®

The RSX® standard-duty commercial operators is UL 325 2010 compliant and provides simple operation and exceptional performance for even the most rigorous applications. This enhanced functionality is a result of numerous innovative, state-of-the-art features.

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Commercial Door Operator RMX®

The RMX® medium-duty commercial operator is UL 325 2010 certified and provides quick installation and hassle-free operation. This is possible as a result of convenient features and technical innovations that are not available in any other medium-duty operator.

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Commercial Door Operator RHX®

The RHX® heavy-duty commercial operator is UL 325 2010 compliant and provides easy, reliable operation in even the most demanding applications. This functionality is a result of numerous innovative, state-of-the-art performance features.

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Commercial Door Operator CDX®

The CDX® light-duty commercial door operator is UL 325 2010 compliant and provides durable and reliable operation. This operator is specifically designed for counter and counter fire door applications. They are typically ideal for settings such as factories, schools, concessions, hospitals, cafeterias, and retail.

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RHX® Explosion Proof Operator

The RHX® Explosion-Proof heavy-duty commercial operators are Factory Mutual (FM) approved for use in hazardous locations in the United States and Canada. Featuring a wide variety of mounting options for sectional and rolling steel doors, these operators provide reliable operation for the most demanding applications.

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Fire Curtains

A smoke curtain is part of a unit to keep areas free from smoke and may include building parts. Smoke curtains limit the movement of fire gases inside of a building in case of a fire. Stöbich Fire Protection made a generational leap for maximum fire protection safety. A safe and effective closing technology, it is integral to the conveyor system and includes safety features such as surveillance, power supply and clearing technology integrated into the concept of partition.

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