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Should I Get an Insulated Garage Door?

We all would like to see the cost of heating and cooling our homes reduced, so we are always looking for ways to insulate our homes. The garage door is a huge element of your home that interacts with the weather every day. So, that is definitely a place to turn. If...

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Can I Replace a Single Garage Door Panel?

In the life of your garage door, you may find that one of the panels needs replacing sooner than the others. It may have been dented or damaged. It may just be particularly worn compared to the rest of the door after many years of use. Whatever the reason for the...

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When Garage Door Springs Go Bad

There a lot of moving parts involved in your garage door – one of the largest and most complex pieces of your home. The springs are one of the more important parts of this mechanical ensemble, so you will want to make sure they stay in good working order. First,...

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The Importance of Garage Door Lubricant

Think about your garage door opening and closing. Imagine returning after a long day and waiting for that door to rise – the last step in finally getting home. Does your image include a horrible grinding, squealing noise? If so, your garage door needs lubrication....

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What is the Purpose of a Garage?

You may be asking yourself – Why have a garage at all? A functioning, useful garage can be a vital room in any home. While we have, in the past, highly recommended that you let your cars live in your garage, the fact remains that a garage is one of the most versatile...

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Let Your Car Use Your Garage

No matter what car you have, it was likely a significant investment. So, you want to keep it in good working order for as long as possible. If you do have a garage in which to store your car… do it! More and more people are using their garage space as storage for any...

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The History of the Garage Door

With a title like “The History of the Garage Door”, I know you are intrigued. But actually, it is a more interesting story than you might think. And it leads directly to you! The history of the garage door could date back to 450 BC when chariots were stored in...

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How R-Values Help You Save Money On Energy Costs

Spend Less to Heat and Cool Your Home or Business by Being R-Value Savvy There’s more to effectively heating or cooling a home or business than having a well-designed and properly installed heating and cooling system. Without the right insulation, much of the heated...

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Garage Door Insulation

Today’s garage often serves as not only a parking place, but as a workshop, craft room, recreation room, storage space, and so much more. So, insulation is key. Insulated doors are no longer considered essential in only colder climates. They offer so many benefits for...

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