High Performance Doors

RapidFlex™ Fabric Doors

The RapidFlex™ series are high speed fabric doors which provide quality solutions for interior and exterior needs.

Interior Fabric High Speed Doors

The Model 991 and Model 992 are interior doors made of identical curtain material. They both feature a patent-pending curtain lock that increases their ability to tolerate pressure and allows for faster repair in the field. The Model 991 has a strutless design that diminishes operational noise, while the Model 992 design does include struts allowing for larger door sizes and making it easy to replace sections in the field.

Exterior Fabric High Speed Doors

The Model 993 and Model 994 are both strutted designs that feature a heavier curtain material better suited for exterior uses. In independent pressure resistance testing, the Model 993 exhibited a pressure resistance of up to 4.0 psf or 76 mph. The stronger Model 994 exhibited a pressure resistance of up to 22 psf or 158 mph. That level of pressure resistance in the Model 994 is aided by a patent-pending bottom wind lock and articulating roller wind struts which also diminish operational noise.

All models of the RapidFlex High Speed fabric doors feature breakaway and self-reset, two sets of infrared obstruction detection, wireless reversing safety edges, and an industry-leading five year door system warranty.

RapidSlat® Model 611

This is an advanced service door that is ideal for settings where a rolling steel door is needed. Compared with traditional rolling doors, the Model 661 adds high cycles, increased productivity and durability, making it well-suited for banks, manufacturing facilities, and parking garages. This model is an optimal replacement for parking garage grilles. They are more durable than grilles and more secure than fabric doors, while the fenestrated slats still allow for air circulation.

RapidSlat® Model 626

This model of advanced service door is insulated, so it is ideal for applications that require climate control. It is also perfect for doors that need to handle extreme weather conditions, such as exteriors at food manufacturing facilities.

Thermacore® AP Door Model 850

Model 850 is a section steel door that was designed and engineered specifically to provide an advanced commercial and industrial option that focused on climate control, durability, and simple maintenance. The Thermacore® AP door system offers the most advanced thermal performance values published by any major US manufacturer of 3″ commercial insulated sectional doors. This advanced performance meets the demands for greater thermal efficiency, reliability, durability and design flexibility. With its thermal protection against extreme temperatures, the Model 850 is perfect for many heavy duty settings including: agricultural buildings, food and beverage storage facilities, pharmaceutical facilities, climate controlled facilities, industrial manufacturing facilities, government facilities, and shipping and receiving docks.

RapidGrille™ AP Security Grille

The RapidGrille™ AP security grille system was designed to meet the need for greater reliability, durability, and efficiency in a security door. For applications primarily concerned with security and long term asset value, this model supplies advanced performance while ensuring minimal interruption to facility access. This would be an ideal door for many settings, including parking garage facilities, industrial manufacturing facilities, government facilities, public facilities, and shipping and receiving docks.