Garage Door Roller Repair in Portland

Whenever you’re experiencing an issue with your garage door, its rollers are an ideal spot to begin troubleshooting. These wheels help raise and lower the door by moving along the metal tracks on either side of the garage door. However, a variety of issues could result in them malfunctioning.

Signs of a Garage Door Roller Issues

When your garage door is operating correctly, the door should lift and lower on command and with little effort or sound. If it falters on any of these operations, that’s a sign that something is wrong.

With garage door rollers, the first indication they aren’t working as they should is a loud squeaking or grinding sound during the operation of the door. Another indicator is if the door moves up or down with a hitch or a jerking motion.

Typically, these issues occur when there’s a buildup of dirt or grime on the rollers themselves or on the tracks in which they sit. This causes the rollers to slide instead of turn like a wheel. Eventually, this can lead to the warping of the rollers or tracks.

How to Avoid Replacing Garage Door Rollers

The best way to avoid this issue is with some simple maintenance. Lubricating the rollers every six months can help keep them working as they should and lengthen their lifespan. When you do this, you can also wipe the track with a damp rag to help remove any built-up dirt, dust, or debris.

Why You Should Call a Professional

While those maintenance steps are simple, you should always practice safety when working on your garage door. This is especially true when your door is in its raised position.

All it takes is one wrong motion or action to cause a garage door to slam shut. Not only could this turn a small issue with your garage door system into a much more significant one, but it can also lead to personal injury. If you do any work on your garage door yourself, it’s essential to put up signs and warnings on both sides of the door to ensure no one uses it while you’re working on it.

This is why it makes sense to call a professional whenever you experience a garage door issue. They have the knowledge, skills, and experience to safely repair or replace any components. They can also assess the system to diagnose any underlying concern and prevent it from becoming a costlier issue in the future.

The Garage Door Roller Replacement Experts of Portland

At Overhead Door Company of Portland, we employ a team of expert, professional technicians who can help resolve any issue your garage door faces as well as install a new system when the time comes. Our services are available for both homes and businesses, and we’ll always put our customers’ satisfaction above all else.

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Image Credit: Gorlov-KV/shutterstock