Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement in Portland

Man installing a garage door

What is the Function of Your Garage Door Springs?

The springs on your garage door serve as a counterweight to support the components that raise and lower it. They don’t do the lifting themselves, but the opener mechanism cannot move the door without properly functioning springs. Depending on the type of system you have, the springs either expand or unwind to let the door go down slowly without crashing. The springs are an integral part of keeping your garage door operating safely.


What are the Types of Garage Door Springs?

Your garage door system may have one spring or more than one, and it may be either a torsion or extension system.

  • Torsion spring systems are the more expensive of the two, but they last longer. Most professionals recommend a torsion spring system. The springs in these systems are positioned horizontally at the header of the garage door. When the door goes down, the springs wind up. When the door goes up, the springs unwind and help lift it using the energy stored in the coils.
  • Extension spring systems are less expensive than torsion spring systems, but their useful life is shorter because they aren’t as strong. Extension springs sit over the upper tracks. This kind of system uses cables that feed through the spring. One end of the line attaches to the top of the track, and the other end attaches to the other end of the track. As the door closes, the spring stretches. When the door opens, the spring contracts and helps lift the door.


What Kinds of Issues Can Garage Door Springs Develop?

Over time, your garage door springs get weaker and less effective at counteracting gravity. If left unchecked, the weakened springs lead to a cascade of other problems that may render your door opener ineffective. Besides getting weaker from time and repetition, springs can also warp or get rusty. While there is no way to avoid them altogether, you can address these issues through routine maintenance of your garage door system.


How Can Overhead Door Company of Portland Help Me with My Garage Door Springs?

Since garage door springs are under high pressure, they can be very dangerous and not ideal for DIY repairs. If your system isn’t functioning as effectively as it once did, call Overhead Door Company of Portland for garage door spring repair for your own safety. We will give your system a complete checkup. We know how to replace garage door springs, and we’ll also check for any other parts that may be wearing down. We’ll also look for rust and other signs of age-related problems. Even if your doors are working fine, it’s a good idea to get an annual inspection to avoid a catastrophic failure down the road and to keep your system running efficiently for years to come.