Garage Door Parts in Portland, OR

Your garage door has many components that work together to get you safely into and out of your home. While it can be one of the most reliable pieces of machinery in your household, breakdowns do happen. When you need a replacement part for your garage door system, contact Overhead Door Company of Portland. We carry a wide selection of brands and garage door parts so that we can help you find the right components, install them correctly, and get everything back in good working order right away.

Determining Your Garage Door Part Issue

Even if you are familiar with your garage door’s various parts, repairs are best left to the professionals. Garage door systems work under high pressure with hefty components. The pieces can be dangerous if they aren’t working correctly, and you can get hurt trying to fix them yourself. Here are a few things our trained professional technicians will check out for you:

• Worn-out door rollers and hardware are common in older units, units with inadequate lubrication, and those lacking preventive maintenance. The doors don’t move smoothly over the tracks, so they make loud noises while in operation.

• Operator limit problems can interfere with the functioning of the opener. If you’ve ruled out problems with the garage door sensors and the door still doesn’t fully close, the operator limits may need adjustment.

• Weakening rails, gears, and operator motors can cause noisy operation. While repairs are sometimes possible, it’s usually best to replace these parts with newer models that run more quietly.

• Broken torsion springs, rated for about 10,000 trips up and down, may create a dangerous situation because they operate under high tension. Garage door springs counterbalance your door and make a loud noise when they break, leaving your garage door operator unable to raise the door.

Finding Your Remedy

At Overhead Door Company of Portland, we stock the highest quality replacement parts and tools from names you can trust. We custom-build springs to fit your garage door to give your system the longest possible useful life. Our team performs a full slate of diagnostic techniques to determine what adjustments and alignments your system needs. We also lubricate all the moving parts and ensure that everything is working safely.

Getting Garage Door Help

Overhead Door Company of Portland can repair your garage door problems or install a new system when needed. You’ll be as impressed by our customer service as you are by the quality of our work. We’re family-owned and operated for decades, so you can trust that we’ll be there when you need help. We’ll never do any work without talking through all of the options for repairs and replacements with you first. Contact us today for all your garage door system needs, from new constructions to repairs on existing homes.

Image Credit: GagoDesign/Shutterstock