Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Install in Portland

If you’re tired of dealing with the annoying noise that greets you every time your garage door all-too-slowly opens, then it may be time to look at a replacement. An ideal garage door should check all the boxes when it comes to quiet operation, swift and smooth movement, secured use, and durability. If just one of these boxes is left unchecked, it can have a dramatic effect on the other three.

To best ensure that your garage door installation goes smoothly, it’s essential to reach out to a professional team of devoted garage door installers. At Overhead Door Company of Portland, we can not only help you design and install your new garage door, but we can also provide service, repairs, and parts replacement.

Garage Door Installation

Some try to install a garage door by themselves. They are often met with garage doors that aren’t properly aligned or a garage door opener that’s as loud and slow as their previous one. Some even find that after self-installing their new garage door it fails to close or open all the way, defeating the entire purpose of it being an overhead door.

The concern in situations like this goes beyond aesthetics. When your garage door isn’t installed correctly, it poses a very real safety and security threat to your garage and your home. With a professional installation by Overhead Door Company of Portland, our job isn’t done until your garage door works exactly as it should.

Garage Door Design

But, let’s take a step back for a moment. Before tossing “how to install a garage door” into your preferred search engine, you’ll need to know what kind of garage door you want to be installed. Our team works with a variety of garage door models, each of which could be the perfect match for your home:

We also have an interactive tool to help you picture how your new garage door will look on your home before you install it. This can help you decide which garage door is the ideal fit for your home and avoid buyer’s remorse after realizing your new door clashes with your home’s exterior.

Overhead Door Company of Portland

At Overhead Door Company of Portland, we have a passion for garage doors that dates back decades. Since 1929, we’ve installed thousands of garage doors and garage door openers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our

dedicated, creative team of technicians, installers, and servicers infuse their work with the pride of doing the job right. We hope that after we install your garage door or garage door opener, you’ll feel the same pride.

Contact us today for questions or a quote. You can call us at 503-252-5111 or email us at estimates@overheaddoorpdx.com