Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair In Portland, OR

A garage door can be your best friend. It can protect you, welcome you, and the mere sight of it can make you feel at home. So, just as we need to take action to tend to our human friends in times of need, we need to be diligent in servicing our garage doors when they’re struggling to work.

At Overhead Door Company of Portland™, we’ll treat your best friend like our best friend. Our extensive suite of services means that we can handle any repair, and our garage door experts will demonstrate the customer-focused attitude and care required to keep your garage door in service.

Garage Door Repair

Is your garage door so noisy that the whole neighborhood knows when you are coming home or leaving your house? Does your door operate in a less than smooth manner and even appear to get hung up at times? All of these are indicators that your garage door needs repair.

One potential issue may be worn out door rollers and hardware. If your door is on the older side of its life or is not regularly lubricated and serviced it may be experiencing worn out rollers and hardware. Proper functioning rollers and hardware will allow your door to glide smoothly in the track while in operation and significantly cut down on any noise the door creates while in operation.

Maintaining the hardware and rollers of your garage door is an essential part of garage door ownership. So, if you find the door to be running roughly or making excessive noise, have a repair technician inspect your door’s hardware and rollers to ensure the proper safety and performance. Your neighbors will appreciate it!

Opener Repair

The garage door opener is an essential and convenient component of the garage door system. After all, who really wants to manually open and close the garage door when you can do so with the push of a button? If you’re finding that your garage door isn’t fully closing and you’ve already checked the photo eye sensors, it’s likely there could be an issue with the garage door operator limit settings. Adjusting its operator limits may be exactly what it needs to close completely and seal to the floor.

For those dealing with garage doors causing a racket, the answer may again lie in the operator. Unusual noises typically stem from some worn-out rails, gears, or operator motors. It may be time to have your operator inspected as it may need replacement parts or perhaps replaced by a newer model that is almost silent while in operation.

Spring Repair

Torsion springs are an essential component of your garage door, and if not treated with the care they can be the most dangerous. These torsion springs are what counterbalance the door so that it can function and no matter the door size they are always under high tension. When your springs do break you’ll either know because of the loud sound they’ll make or because your garage door operator will no longer be able to pick your door up.

Garage door springs have a typical rated cycle life of 10,000 uses. Similar to the brakes or shocks on your car they will wear out over time requiring an adjustment and of course when they break, a full replacement. Working on garage door springs requires special tools and knowledge to ensure the safety of the door and the people who use it. In order to reduce the risk of bodily harm, it’s recommended that this is one home improvement job left to the professionals.

At Overhead Door Company of Portland™, the safety of your household and your garage door is our number one priority. We are one of the only companies that custom builds our springs to fit the exact specifications of your garage door. This value-added approach ensures a smooth and safe operation of your door while helping extend the life of your garage door operator due to a perfectly balanced torsion spring. After replacing the springs we’ll have your door back up and running again so you can tackle your day!

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