Door Section Replacement in Portland

Door Section Replacement

Over time, it’s common for your garage door to begin to wear down. When this occurs, you should seek prompt repairs to help extend the life of your garage door and potentially put off the need for a complete replacement.

One of the ways that garage doors begin to break down is through their panels or sections. Repeated wear and tear combined with bumps or environmental damage can bend, discolor, or break individual panels. If left unrepaired, this can have a cascading effect that leaves your garage door unable to open and close.

To prevent this situation from occurring, you need to know the signs of damage. When you see them, make sure to call Overhead Door Company of Portland immediately so we can help resolve the issue and demonstrate the benefits of garage door panel replacement.


Signs You Need Garage Door Panel Replacement

Some of the most common signs that you have garage door panels that need replacement are cosmetic:

● They are discolored or faded.

● They are cracked or warped.

● They’re bent or distorted.

While discoloration or faded colors may not impact the garage door’s operation, it can make the entire unit look like it’s in a state of disrepair. This can be unattractive and even impact the price of your home when you look to sell it.

Cracked or distorted panels can have a significant effect on the ability of the garage door to do its job. Your door may be unable to open. Even if it can open, the damaged panel can put additional stress on the other panels. This often leads to the broken springs or tracks.

Misalignment can occur, as well. This can prevent the door from opening and closing as quickly as it once did. It can also break the seal of the garage door. This allows cold air, moisture, and other environmental factors to leak into the garage. This can damage items stored in the garage or lead to mold growth.

That’s why it’s so important to seek prompt repairs whenever you notice an issue with your garage door. These are complex units that require all parts to work in harmony. When an essential component, like one or multiple panels, needs repair, you can easily find yourself dealing with more extensive and expensive damage.

Benefits of Garage Door Section Replacement

Overhead Door Company of Portland has served the Northwest for close to 40 years. We employ talented and trained garage door technicians so you can rest assured that we’ll take good care repairing, maintaining, or replacing your garage door. Our team always prioritizes the needs of our customers above all else, and we’re focused on developing long-lasting relationships built on trust, hard work, and value.

If you’ve noticed superficial damage to your garage door or if the door is no longer operating as smoothly as it once did, make sure to reach out to us immediately. Call us at 503-252-5111.


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Service & Repair

Your Garage Door can be the hardest working component on your home. After years of welcoming you home, it may be time to repair and replace elements of your garage door. Overhead Garage Door of Portland™ offers the following Repair services:
  • Spring Replacement
  • Small Part Replacement (rollers, hinges, cables, door track, etc.)
  • Motor Replacement
  • Door Repair or Replacement (section or full door)

Additional Assistance

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