Overhead Door Maintenance in Portland

Did you know that the garage door in the average home in the United States goes up and down more than 1,500 every year? Few things in your home see that much activity, so it’s important to keep it working right. Here are a few things to know about your garage doors and how to take care of them.

Overhead Garage Door

You have several choices when it comes to overhead garage doors. Steel, wood, and vinyl are the most common choices. Most garage doors last from ten to 20 years, depending on how heavy the usage, environmental factors, and how well you maintain them.

A well-maintained set of garage doors saves you money over its lifetime, and it’s safer for your family. When you take care of your garage doors, they’re less likely to malfunction and cause injury, and they’re less likely to leave you stranded outside your home.

Garage Door Maintenance

A solid preventive maintenance plan for your home’s garage doors includes a thorough review of all the components to diagnose any issues that may be developing. The professional technician will know how to make the necessary adjustments, alignments, and balancing tasks that your system needs over time. The technician should lubricate all the moving parts, and most importantly, perform a full safety check.

Overhead Door Company of Portland

At Overhead Door Company of Portland, we pride ourselves on our team of professional and experienced technicians who know what to do to extend the life of your system. However, we also strive to exceed your expectations in every interaction. When you call us to set up your maintenance program, we’ll give your garage doors a thorough review and let you know about any areas of concern we find.

Then we present you with the options for any repairs, but we’ll never go forward until we have your approval. Call Overhead Door Company of Portland today to get started on a preventive maintenance plan for your home’s garage doors.


Image Credit: Palatinate Stock/Shutterstock