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When is it Time to Replace Your Garage Door?

When is it Time to Replace Your Garage Door?

Some people are reluctant to replace their garage door, even when it is clearly time. Some people are too quick to replace a garage door that only requires a simple and cheap fix. You don’t want to make an unnecessary investment in a new door if repair (or even...

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Who is the Family Behind Overhead Door Company of Portland?

A personal connection is always better than a corporate face. When dealing with Overhead Door Company of Portland, you know who you are working with and you know you are supporting a long-standing local business in your community. In 1982, Jim Stumpf became the owner...

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Ride for a Child

Overhead Door Company of Portland is a Proud Sponsor of Ride For A Child For the past 18 years, a group of dedicated cyclists have joined together to support Candlelighters For Children With Cancer through a fundraising event called Ride For A Child (RFAC). This...

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Meet the Family Behind Overhead Door Company of Portland

Featured in the Spring 2017 issue of The Who’s Who in Building & Construction FAMILY BONDS TAKE CENTER STAGE “When we were asked to partner with the industry’s oldest and most respected garage door brand, we jumped at the opportunity,” says Jim [Stumpf, CEO of...

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Should You Hire a Professional or DIY?

It may seem tempting to try to and repair a garage door yourself. It certainly may be the less expensive option and may appear to be a invigorating challenge. There is a lot to consider, though, before breaking out the toolbox instead of breaking out the telephone to...

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When to Consider Replacing Your Garage Door

    Replacing your garage door can be a large undertaking. Often times, repairing any difficulties or replacing old parts will be a simpler and less expensive option. Sometimes, though, a garage door does need to be replaced. Here are some thoughts to help you...

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Single Door or Double Door: What Will Work for You?

If you are installing garage doors on your two-car garage, you will be faced with two options: one large double door or two separate single doors. Many double garages are fitted with two single doors, meaning a car can be parked in each door space, but increasingly...

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… WHAT SHOULD IT BE MADE OF? Garage doors can be made of almost any material. Well, in truth, they can be made of any of four materials. Here are some thoughts about what each material offers and the drawbacks of each. Steel Steel is the most popular material for...

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Does it Swing or Does It Slide? A gate is a beautiful addition to a home or community. How, though, might it open? The two predominant options are for it to swing or for it to slide. Their name says it all – sliding gates slide in and out parallel along to the gates...

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There are two kinds of springs when it comes to what’s used on your garage or overhead door: torsion and extension. So, what are they and which should you use? Torsion Springs Torsion springs are a newer system. There are spring bars mounted on the inside header of...

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A Clean Door is a Happy Door

When you think about cleaning your home, cleaning the garage door probably is not very high on the list - if it makes the list at all! Which makes perfect sense. It is hard enough to find time to clean floors and counters and gutters and laundry and the bathroom… Why...

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