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Should You Hire a Professional or DIY?

It may seem tempting to try to and repair a garage door yourself. It certainly may be the less expensive option and may appear to be a invigorating challenge. There is a lot to consider, though, before breaking out the toolbox instead of breaking out the telephone to...

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When to Consider Replacing Your Garage Door

    Replacing your garage door can be a large undertaking. Often times, repairing any difficulties or replacing old parts will be a simpler and less expensive option. Sometimes, though, a garage door does need to be replaced. Here are some thoughts to help you...

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Single Door or Double Door: What Will Work for You?

If you are installing garage doors on your two-car garage, you will be faced with two options: one large double door or two separate single doors. Many double garages are fitted with two single doors, meaning a car can be parked in each door space, but increasingly...

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… WHAT SHOULD IT BE MADE OF? Garage doors can be made of almost any material. Well, in truth, they can be made of any of four materials. Here are some thoughts about what each material offers and the drawbacks of each. Steel Steel is the most popular material for...

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Does it Swing or Does It Slide? A gate is a beautiful addition to a home or community. How, though, might it open? The two predominant options are for it to swing or for it to slide. Their name says it all – sliding gates slide in and out parallel along to the gates...

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There are two kinds of springs when it comes to what’s used on your garage or overhead door: torsion and extension. So, what are they and which should you use? Torsion Springs Torsion springs are a newer system. There are spring bars mounted on the inside header of...

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Keep It Safe! Make Sure Only You Have Access to Your Garage

Your garage door is a huge entry point to your home – which is great for you… but potentially can also be great for burglars. Most garage burglaries can be prevented by taking a few simple steps to secure your doors. Here are the some of the most important things you...

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Keep It Clean!

Making Sure Your Garage Door Shines Your garage door works hard. It takes a ton of abuse – from rain, sun, wear, poorly-aimed basketballs, and more. It is also highly visible, so you want it to weather that storm and still look great. It is easy to overlook your...

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Should I Get an Insulated Garage Door?

We all would like to see the cost of heating and cooling our homes reduced, so we are always looking for ways to insulate our homes. The garage door is a huge element of your home that interacts with the weather every day. So, that is definitely a place to turn. If...

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Can I Replace a Single Garage Door Panel?

In the life of your garage door, you may find that one of the panels needs replacing sooner than the others. It may have been dented or damaged. It may just be particularly worn compared to the rest of the door after many years of use. Whatever the reason for the...

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Home Security: How to Protect Your Garage From Thieves

Your house is only as safe as its weakest entry point, and for some, that point is an overhead garage door. Many homeowners believe that they have kept people out of the garage by simply closing the garage door. That is largely correct - but with about 10% of home...

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