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Can you imagine having to get out of your car to open your garage in the rain? The idea probably ranks just above walking across the room to change channels on your television on your “Things I Don’t Want to Do” list. Automatic garage doors are an amazing convenience of modern life, but they can also present many potential hazards to kids and pets. Many people simply don’t think about the dangers of garage doors until an accident happens and someone gets injured.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) took the issue seriously back in 1992 after reviewing reports of 48 child entrapment deaths due to automatic garage door openers, but the CPSC can’t camp out on your lawn to make sure your toddler hasn’t confiscated your opener, or your older kids haven’t decided to race the closing garage door for fun. Fortunately, most disasters are preventable without government surveillance. All it takes is a little family education, careful supervision and consistent maintenance. Garage doors aren’t the bad guys. As with any type of machinery or appliance, you have to use them properly to ensure that they don’t hurt you. To keep your household safe, follow the tips below, and review all safety measures with your children.

Must-Know Garage Door Safety Tips

1.    Never stand or walk under or near a garage door when it’s opening or closing, or allow your children or pets to do so.

2.    Don’t race a moving door when entering or leaving in your car. You might not win.

3.    Never treat your garage door opener as a toy. Don’t let small children play with it.

4.    Be sure that interior push-button garage-door controls are mounted at least five feet from the floor.

5.    Teach your kids to keep their fingers and hands away from door sections, especially when the door is in operation.

6.    During operation, keep your eyes on the door until it has completed its task.

7.    Make sure that no adults, kids or pets try to enter or leave while the door is moving.

8.    Unless you’re a qualified technician, don’t try to service the door yourself. You could risk serious electrical shock or injuries from tense cables and springs.

9.    If someone backs into your garage door, have it inspected and serviced to ensure safe operation.

10. Have your garage door inspected and maintained by a trained service technician at least once a year.

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