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Throwing a Little Light on the Subject

The backyard view through glass doors is relaxing. You love the way sunlight streams through the living room bays. Even lovely louvered panes receive an admiring glance. What about those windows in a garage door? They’re not exactly plate glass beauties, but they deserve respect. Here are five reasons to reflect on their clear advantages.

1. They dress up the house. Realtors call it curb appeal, and it’s an important part of your property’s value. Garage door windows add exterior style that gives your home personality. If your current doors don’t have these pleasing portals, stand outside, and look back at the house. Imagine the light reflecting off panes and frames that complement your home’s good looks.

2. The sun shines in. You don’t have to burn overhead fixtures when natural light beams through the windows. Bulbs in the garage might not seem like a major source of home energy consumption, but they add to the monthly bills. Windows let you live a little greener, and you won’t replace the lights as often if you aren’t constantly switching them on and off.

3. You see better in the dark. With light shining through the windows, you don’t have to open the garage doors and hope for a little ambient illumination while you replace burned-out bulbs. It’s also easier and safer to climb a ladder on a cold Portland day with the doors closed against the chill. If storms knock out the electricity, you can still see well enough to search boxes for emergency supplies without finding the flashlights first.

4. It’s convenient to peek out. If you hear a commotion in your front yard, running outside to investigate might not be your best option. However, a discreet peep through the garage door windows lets you see exactly what’s going on. Even if you’re just being a curious neighbor, the portals let you keep an eye on things from the privacy and security of your garage.

5. You can add a room. If you’re interested in extra space and another boost to that important property value, think about all the possibilities of a garage conversion. Those windows in the doors are smart assets when you’re ready to remodel that space into a home office, personal gym or hobby center. Create your space, hang some drapes, and boom, you have a new room.

Seemingly humble panes can really pack a punch. Contact us at Overhead Door Company of Portland. We’re happy to shed some light on your new garage door options.