6 Common Garage Door Repair Problems

After reading our blog post on six of the most common garage door issues, you’ll learn:

● How to identify which issue may be to blame for your malfunctioning garage door

● What to do once you’ve uncovered which issue is the source of the door’s problems

Garage doors give you and your vehicle convenient access to the space inside. However, when the door stops opening, closing, or becomes noisy or slow, the convenience tends to go away. That makes it important to identify some of the common repair issues most garage door owners will face at some point.

Faulty Gear

Gears are the main component of your garage door system. If your door won’t open, but it sounds like the motor is running, the issue is likely with the gears. Specific gears may need to be replaced or repaired. Additionally, the entire gear drive system may need a tune-up.

Malfunctioning Remotes

If your garage door remote no longer works, or it takes longer for the door to begin working than it did before, then some components need inspection: the remote itself and the sensors on the garage door. Sometimes new batteries or clearing the sensor of obstructions is enough to resolve the issue.

Noise Issues

A proper garage door should open smoothly without making a lot of noise. A noisy garage door could just be an issue of lubrication, and a new application is all you need. However, the issue could be more complicated and require garage door panels to be repaired or other intensive maintenance.

Old Replacement

As your opener begins to get worn down, you may start to wonder how to repair a garage door opener. However, if your door opener is old, it may be more practical to replace it so you can

take advantage of recent updates in security technology. Replacing your door opener also gives you more control over your garage door as well as new features.

Unsafe Kick

One-panel garage doors used to be far more common. However, they are often found to be unsafe and insecure. If you’re dealing with an issue with your kick-out garage door, it makes more sense to replace it with a new garage door system.

Worn-out Rollers

The components of a garage door work together in harmony to operate the raising and lowering of the door. Over time, a large issue like a broken garage door spring can have cascading effects such as worn-out rollers. When the latter occurs, you’ll notice your garage door becoming stiff, bent, or broken. So, even when repairing smaller components, it helps to have professionals assess the overall system to prevent reoccurring issues.

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