An updated garage door is a great way to add value and improve the appearance of your home. When buying a new garage door, you may be surprised by all the different options available. One way to upgrade from a standard door can be to buy an insulated option. There is a long list of benefits of insulating a garage door.

Increased Energy Efficiency

A lot of the energy spent heating and cooling your home is lost through the garage. An insulated door helps maintain a mild temperature in the garage, preventing as much heat or cool air from being lost and potentially saving you money on your monthly bills. Another benefit of insulating garage doors is that it helps reduce your carbon footprint and make your home more environmentally friendly.

Quieter Operation

If you have to leave your home during early hours or get home late from work, it helps not to have to wake children or other members of the household who may still be asleep. Rattling garage doors can be loud and disruptive to neighbors and people inside your home. Insulated garage doors are generally able to operate much more quietly. The added installation muffles the sounds created as the door moves across its tracks.

Increased Door Strength

Garage doors can go through a lot of wear and tear. From exposure to weather and changing temperatures in Portland and surrounding areas to repeated use every day, there is a lot that a door needs to withstand. Insulated garage doors are more heavy-duty than standard options and can stand up to much more use without becoming damaged or worn out.

Insulated options may also be more rust-resistant than single-layer choices. Replacing doors can be expensive, so it helps to know that the option you choose will stay in good shape for years to come.

More Comfortable Garage and Home

One of the benefits of insulating garage doors is that it is a great way to keep temperatures pleasant, so you don’t have to worry about your vehicle being uncomfortably cold or hot when you start it up. Many people use their garage for more than just storing cars.

Having an insulated space that is comfortable to use during all seasons can be beneficial and is a necessity if you plan to use your garage as a workshop or similar room. Insulation also helps prevent any drafts that may enter a home through the garage.

Protection for Your Personal Items

Garages are a common place to store all kinds of items, including valuable equipment and tools. Many of these items are simply too big or messy to be stored inside your home. In addition to making the door sturdier to help keep unwelcome people out, insulating a garage door can protect the items you are storing in your garage from exposure to outdoor conditions.

By keeping out the elements, they help ensure that nothing is exposed to extreme heat, cold, or moisture that could cause damage. This can be especially helpful in Portland and surrounding areas, where heavy rain is common, and temperatures vary throughout the year.

Insulate Your Garage Today

Now that you know more about the benefits of insulated garage doors, consider choosing an insulated option for your home. At Overhead Door in Portland, OR, we have plenty of options to choose for your next garage door, including various insulated doors in different styles. Contact us in Portland, OR to start looking into some of the best garage door insulation options in Portland and surrounding areas today.

Image Source: Gorlov-KV / Shutterstock