Upgrade Your Driveway With a Residential Gate

Gates offer a wide range of benefits to Oregon homeowners. In addition to making driveway entrances more attractive, they enhance security, safety and privacy. Differences in terrain and fence designs mean that that no single type of barrier is perfect for all locations. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find a gate that will perform well and look superb on your property. Residential gates come in styles to suit many different homes, fences and landscapes.


The right driveway gate will complement your house or fencing and create an attractive, seamless first impression. Although passersby may briefly admire the gate, you won’t have to worry about people looking in your windows. These barriers greatly improve home and yard privacy. They also prevent salespeople from knocking on your door. You’ll be able to relax without being interrupted by promotional pitches for magazines or cable TV.

More importantly, a gate can help you stay safe. It adds another line of protection against burglars and vandals. Although Oregon’s largest city may not be known for crime, Portland State University reports that over 63,000 home burglaries occurred between 1995 and 2013. Such barriers also make it easier to stop kids from wandering the neighborhood without supervision. You can even use a gate to prevent people from entering your driveway during and after repaving.


All residential gates offer the above-mentioned benefits, but different types have separate pros and cons. The most popular option for homeowners is the swinging gate. It consists of one or two barriers that swing inward or outward. Compared to the alternatives, it’s less expensive and doesn’t need as much maintenance. You can use an affordable Byan 500 operator to automatically open and shut a swinging gate. If you prefer a hidden in-ground operator, look at the Byan model 1100. These dependable units come with long-term warranties.


Some gates slide left and right on metal tracks. Although this option calls for extra maintenance and demands more horizontal space, it works best if your driveway isn’t long enough to accommodate swinging gates. Sliding units also perform better on certain kinds of terrain. They’re preferable in regions with deep snow, but this normally isn’t a problem in Portland. A downside is that the gate mechanisms and operators cost more. Byan’s HYD1000 operator has the capability to motorize a sliding gate.

If you’re interested in restricting access to a driveway, the Overhead Door Company of Portland can help. We sell a variety of attractive, durable gates. Our staff knows how to customize these products to suit different residences. You can even add a battery backup system for maximum reliability. To learn more about purchasing and installing a driveway gate in Oregon, contact us today.