What to expect when your garage meets winter’s chill

Winter in Portland, OR, may not be as frigid as in other parts of the country, but the cold can still do a number on your garage. From problems with the way the door opens and shuts to heat loss in the garage itself, winter can bring a host of difficulties.

Metal Mishaps

Your garage door has metal parts such as springs and screws that contract when the temperature drops. As they do, it can cause the door to malfunction or make noise as it operates. Sometimes parts seize up completely, making it difficult or impossible to get the door open. Adding extra lubricant can mitigate the problem, but be careful of using too much as the cold can cause it to thicken up, creating an even bigger mess.

Water Worries

When the Portland winter brings rain, moisture may cause your garage door frame to swell and the door to scrape against it when opening or closing. This causes excess wear and tear at the least and a stuck door at the worst. If the temperature drops, the door may wind up frozen shut, leaving your car out in the cold.

Warps and Breaks

Cold weather may cause the tracks your garage door rides on to warp, creating misalignment that makes it difficult for the door to operate. Changes in temperature may also lead to broken springs, throwing the door off balance. Inspect the door and try opening it manually if you suspect either of these problems.

Electrical Errors

Some garage doors problems are related to the opener. If your door stops working, check the electrical connections and fittings before doing anything else. All that may be necessary is a quick visit from a repair service to get the opener working again.

Just Plain Cold

Many garages lack the insulation necessary to keep them warm in the winter. A cold garage can cause damage to your car and whatever else you’re storing there. To improve the energy efficiency of the space, you can:

• Invest in an insulated garage door
• Insulate the garage area with fiberglass batting
• Install weather stripping around the windows and door

A garage heater can also be useful for extra warmth to help get the car going in the morning or to keep your workshop area comfortable.

Sometimes winter garage problems require a bit more than DIY fixes. The Overhead Door Company of Portland has you covered when you need garage door repair and replacement. Give us a call and we’ll help you pick the perfect new door for your garage, choose a reliable opener, and get everything set up so that it runs smoothly no matter what the weather.