Are your garage doors ready for the shifting seasons?

Maintaining your driveway gate preserves home security

Having an automatic gate that controls access to your property adds a layer of security by allowing you to decide who can come and go. Regular maintenance ensures that gates function the way they should to provide continual, reliable safety for you and your family. Perform these critical upkeep tasks at least once a year to maintain optimal operation.


Changing weather conditions, pest damage and regular wear add up over time and can cause access gates to deteriorate. Inspect your gate at least once a year for rust and damage to electrical wiring as well as evidence of nests, hives or webs. Fixing cosmetic issues is usually a DIY job, but if you find any serious problems with electrical connections or pest infestations, it’s best to let a professional tackle the job.


All moving parts of your gate need regular lubrication to prevent them from wearing down. Hinge pins should be lubricated using heavy grease and a grease gun. Use the same heavy grease and a sturdy cloth to maintain the slide chain. If your gate uses an actuator arm instead of a chain, keep the shaft in good shape by applying silicon-based lubricant.

Fix the Tension

Gates that operate with slide chains will experience a loss in tension over time as the chain stretches out. A small amount of sagging is normal, but too much affects the operation of the gate. If you tighten the chain but still have too much slack, it might be necessary to have a professional remove a few of the links to restore proper tension.

Check the Opener

Just like the openers on garage doors, automatic gate openers can develop problems if not properly maintained. Problems with opening and closing are often caused by something blocking the mechanism. Wild swings in temperature, a malfunctioning breaker and even wet spider webs can also interfere with operation.

Replace the Battery

Battery-operated gates need a fresh power source every two to five years depending on the quality of the battery. If you notice problems with gate performance that are unrelated to physical operation, check the battery and all connections to it to determine if maintenance or replacement is necessary.

The Overhead Door Company of Portland can help you maintain your access gate to ensure continuous security for you and your family. Contact us today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in complete control of who can enter and leave your property. Should you need a new access gate, our specialists will work with you to create a sturdy, attractive setup that lasts for years.