Don’t Sabotage Your Entry With a Messy Garage


Do you dread opening your garage door because you can never be sure what might come crashing down? These types of messes aren’t just annoying; they can pose a potential hazard by blocking entry to the garage. Try these tips for clearing clutter before it causes damage to the door or injury to your family.

Every Wall Is “Floor Space”

When you think of the walls of your garage as an extension of the floor, you suddenly have a whole lot more storage area to work with. Take the tools that have been sitting in boxes and hang them up on pegboards or sturdy hooks for easy access. Shelving and bins add space for gardening accessories, sports equipment and toys.

The Ceiling Is Also a Floor

…Sort of. Obviously, you can’t walk on it or park your car there, but that’s exactly what makes the garage ceiling a great storage space. Transform this under-utilized area by installing hanging racks or DIY shelving. As long as you place your storage systems away from the track of the door, you can use every available inch of ceiling to hold something that used to be on the floor. Elevated shelves are great for holding equipment that you only use on occasion and for keeping potentially hazardous items such as cans of paint out of the reach of children and pets.

Clattering Clutter—or Not

Garden tools are notorious for collapsing directly in the path of anyone walking by. The simple act of opening your garage door can be enough to send them crashing to the ground. Put a stop to this unfair attack with a system of wall hooks or rods. Don’t just hang up the obvious things such as rakes, hoes and trowels; invest in hangers that are strong enough to hold heavier lawn tools such as a mower and weed whacker. Hang up the wheel barrow, too, and you’ll have everything you need all in one place the next time you’re ready to tackle a mess in the yard.

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