Does the sound of your garage door opening wake the neighbors and cause your dogs to bark? That grinding, clicking, whining noise you hear may not be caused by your door but by your garage door opener. If you’re ready to restore the peace, contact Overhead Door Company of Portland™ to inspect your garage door system and see if it’s time to upgrade your garage door opener. 

We offer openers  with various power levels and specifications because one type of garage door opener does not fit all doors. The different types of motors and drives are designed to work with the varying weights and sizes of garage doors. While our experts will help you choose the best model for your needs, it pays to understand what you’re buying. We’ll cover the basics of garage door openers here. 

Within power options, garage door opener motors can be AC or DC-powered. AC motors require more components so they are larger, heavier, and generally louder than DC motors. Openers powered by DC motors offer the most power, yet are smooth, quiet, and lighter. 

Whichever motor you choose the role of the motor is to run the drive which opens and closes the door. Different opener drives have distinct mechanisms and features that offer various benefits and uses. The drive type dictates how your garage door travels along the long rail or guide that is attached above the center of your door and connected to the opener. Within the guide is a trolley attached by a screw, chain, or belt which moves the trolley along the guide to open and close your garage door. 

Let’s look at the different garage door opener drive types:

  1. Belt-Drive Openers: These function similarly to chain drives, but use a highly durable steel-reinforced rubber or polyurethane belt instead of a metal chain to drive the trolley. The advantage over chains is that belt drives are smoother with few vibrations and no jumping off the door. A belt drive is typically available as an upgrade over a chain and the models we offer are some of the quietest garage door openers you can buy. These openers cost a bit more, but the initial cost can be offset by their durability and warranty. 
  2. Direct-Drive Openers: In these systems, the motor itself travels along the stationary chain instead of relying on a trolley. This movement opens and closes the door. While among the most expensive types of opener, they are the quietest and have fewer moving parts, providing ease of maintenance. 
  3. Chain-Drive Openers: When the motor on your garage door opener is activated, it pulls a metal chain that drives the attached trolley. This moves the door up or down. Chain drives are the traditional workhorses used in garage doors because they are durable and affordable. They are built to last, with the only downside being that they can be louder than other modern options.
  4. Screw-Drive Openers: For this type of drive, the motor rotates a threaded steel rod or screw to move the trolley, which again moves the door. This type of opener offers the most power with the fastest speeds. Our screw drive openers are ideal for large garage doors because they feature an exclusive direct drive system to transfer more power from the motor without using a gear reduction system. In addition, these openers require fewer moving parts than chains or belts, so there’s less to break down.  

After you choose the correct motor and drive, it’s time to address the added conveniences that come standard or as add-on amenities to garage door openers. Nearly every door comes with safety sensors to detect when there is an obstacle in the way of the garage. Also fairly standard is a battery backup so if the power goes out you can still operate the door.

The truly unique part of your opener often comes down to the remote control options. Controlling your door from a distance has traditionally been done through push-button remote control devices. These still come standard with our door openers. However remote control capabilities can now be integrated with your car’s operating system. Push an existing button in your car, and the door will open or close. All of our garage door opener models are compatible with these car systems: HomeLink® | Car2U®

Going further with modern technology, garage door remote operation can now be done from your smartphone or Tablet. With our OHD Anywhere® app, you can open, close, and monitor your garage door from almost any smart device. Not only can you open and close the door as you leave or enter your garage, but you can operate it for deliveries, maintenance professionals or friends without having to disclose a passcode. For added safety, the app allows you to see if your garage door was left open or even if it has changed positions, instantly letting you know someone else is operating the garage door.

Your garage door is an entry to your home as well as a shelter for your vehicle. Keep your valuables safe, minimize weather-related wear and tear on your car, and add value to your home with a garage door and opener from Overhead Door Company of Portland. Our automatic garage door openers are powerful, quiet,  and durable and designed to integrate seamlessly with our garage doors giving you maximum performance and reliability. 

Purchase now and take advantage of our July Operator Special July 1st thru July 31st.  Have us install a new garage door opener system and we’ll throw in a free second remote/ transmitter or an exterior wireless keypad of your choice.

Whether you’re ready to replace your old garage door with one that better matches your home and tastes, or if you just want to minimize the cacophony of sounds emanating from the garage, contact the professionals at Overhead Door Company of Portland.