find the best garage door technician

When selecting a garage door technician, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure you’re hiring a competent and reliable professional. You have choices when it comes to finding someone to install or repair your commercial or residential garage door, but we like to think that once you learn about Overhead Door Company of Portland, you won’t need to look any further.

Since we opened our company in 1929, we have installed thousands of garage doors and garage door openers in homes and businesses throughout the Northwest. We have decades of experience, and a history of making sure our customers are completely satisfied, a promise we back up with a lifetime guarantee on your garage door. But a more critical piece of our success is that we have highly trained technicians who understand the value of getting it right the first time.

two technicians

Two of our technicians were recently certified by the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA) as master-certified residential and commercial installers. That certification is given to those who demonstrate an exceptional level of knowledge of the technical, regulatory, and safety parameters of installing a garage door. More specifically, the certification means our technicians showed expertise in Residential Installation, Commercial Sectional and Rolling Door Systems,  and Rolling Steel Fire Doors.

In other words, it took hard work and dedication to achieve this designation, and we could not be more proud of Shawn Miville and Darrick Johnson who both work in our commercial services department. Shawn is a lead technician with an outstanding work ethic, which has served him well in quickly gaining knowledge of the industry and providing exceptional service to our customers. Darrick is a supervisor and journeyman, and a true team player who shares his extensive knowledge of the industry with his colleagues and is constantly looking for ways to improve.

Not only does their master certification show their knowledge, but it also reflects the adoption of a Technician Code of Conduct which includes promises to continue to increase knowledge and skills; provide quality workmanship; perform work with integrity; adhere to regulations, manufacturer instructions, codes and laws; and aspire to 100% customer satisfaction. And it’s not just Shawn and Darrick who follow this code. At Overhead Door Company of Portland we strive to adhere to the terms of this code every day.

These two represent just part of our exceptional crew as we are always looking for team members who take themselves and this company to the next level. Acquiring master certification is a key part of what our team has to offer, and it reflects their passion for what they do and the security, comfort, reliability and peace of mind they provide to our customers. 


So just what does it take to become a master garage door installer? There are some key skills that we’re proud to say our entire team has acquired including:

  1. Mechanical Aptitude: We understand how the mechanical systems like tracks, rollers, springs and hinges work.
  2. Construction Knowledge: Basic knowledge of construction principles is helpful, especially when we need to modify the opening for the garage door or install framing.
  3. Safety Awareness: Working with heavy materials and moving parts poses safety risks which is why we handle tools safely and following safety protocols.
  4. Attention to Detail: Precision is essential for proper installation. We measure accurately, align components precisely, and ensure everything fits together correctly.
  5. Hand and Power Tool Proficiency: Our team is familiar with a variety of hand and power tools including drills, wrenches, screwdrivers, levels, and saws.
  6. Problem-Solving Skills: It’s common to encounter challenges during installation, such as uneven surfaces or unexpected obstacles so we’re able to troubleshoot and find creative solutions.
  7. Communication Skills: Our team’s effective communication ensures everyone understands their roles and the installation proceeds smoothly. It also means we work hard to understand our client’s needs and make sure they are completely satisfied with our work. 

When you’re looking for the right company to install or repair your garage door, Overhead Door checks the boxes for experience, skills, and certifications, but there’s even more you should look for and, yes, we meet those criteria as well.

Here’s what else we offer:

A quick look at our online reviews and ratings from our customers shows consistently positive feedback. Those positive comments come from our insistence on providing clear and transparent pricing upfront with no surprises, and from being readily available and responsive to our client’s questions or problems. We are professionals who show up on time, pay attention to detail, and treat you and your property with respect and courtesy. We love hearing from satisfied clients who encourage others to reach out.

installer on ladder

And it’s not just our people who get top ratings. We only use the highest quality residential and commercial garage doors and parts working with reputable brands known for their durability and reliability. We offer a warranty on both labor and parts because we stand behind our work and are happy to give our clients that added peace of mind.

Think about it. Your garage door probably opens and closes more times in a day than any other door in your house. Finding a qualified garage door technician who meets your needs and ensures the job is done right should be a top priority. If you’re ready to find out how Overhead Door Company of Portland can meet your needs and maybe exceed your expectations, give us call.