You may, at some point, find that your garage door has become a bit crooked. At best, this can be an eyesore, but it can make it difficult to use the door and can even become a security issue.  You will want to fix the door as soon as possible. There are a couple of main reasons this can happen and a few ways to fix a crooked garage door.


What Might Be Causing the Crooked Door?

The issue could be caused by a few different parts of the door, and you might be able to spot the issue with a simple visual inspection. Hopefully, you can see the problem with the door stationary, but if needed, you can stand inside the door and watch the mechanisms as the door raises and lowers. Be sure that the area around the door is clear and that you are inspecting from a distance. 

Old or Unbalanced Springs: The springs provide the tension needed for the door  to open and close. If they are wearing out, it will be harder for the door to open and can cause problems. The springs also help balance the weight of the door, so if one spring is stronger or weaker than the others, it can cause the door to become crooked.

Bent Tracks: The door could become crooked if the tracks that the rollers ride on are bent or damaged. There are any number of reasons that a track could be bent. It could be that something was putting weight onto one of the tracks or that a track was clipped by a vehicle entering or exiting the garage. It could even be from extreme weather – cold can contract the wood or metal in the tracks. This might be easily visible when you inspect the door.

Loose Brackets: It is possible that the brackets holding the tracks in place are loose or broken. Loose brackets can lead to loose tracks which can become warped or bent and lead to a crooked door. Loose brackets are often the result of normal wear and tear, but they can also be caused by an unbalanced door, so keep an eye out for an uneven door and an ear out for increased shaking while the door is in motion. 

Lack of Lubrication: It is important to keep your garage door lubricated. If not, important parts of the door can seize up, which will make it more difficult for the door to move and could be the cause of the door becoming crooked.

Overhead door maintenance

Do I Need To Fix a Crooked Door?

The short answer is Yes! You will want to address the issue as soon as possible, because this problem can lead to many other problems. For example:

Irregular speed: A crooked garage door can end up opening and closing too quickly. Which can be dangerous and also put extra stress on moving parts of the door. 

Garage leaks: Of course, if the door isn’t settling properly, it is likely that a heavy rain will lead to a damp garage. 

Uneven wear and tear: The movement of a crooked door will wear down parts unevenly. This can cause further mechanical problems and require part replacement earlier than otherwise necessary. 

Broken parts: With the door not working properly, other moving parts will be strained. Beyond wear and tear, they may break. 

Security concerns: Depending on how crooked the door is, a crooked door might not be a secure door. 

So It’s Crooked. Now What Do I Do?

The solution to a crooked garage door depends, of course, on what your issue is.

Repair the Springs: If the springs are unbalanced or wearing out, they will need to be adjusted or replaced. You might be able to do this yourself, but when it comes to the springs, we highly recommend calling a professional. The springs are under a tremendous amount of tension and can be quite dangerous to repair. 

Replace the Tracks: Bent or damaged tracks are going to need to be replaced. This is, again, a job that is perhaps possible for you to do yourself, but track installation is tricky. You may quickly find that you need a professional. 

Tighten the Brackets: If you find that brackets are loose, then they just need to be tightened (or even replaced). You may find that you want a professional to do this to ensure everything is in working order. This, though, is likely the easiest fix for you to accomplish on your own.

Door Section Replacement

Call a Professional Garage Door Repair Company

If you have any concern about making a repair yourself or your attempts do not fully correct the problem or if you are not sure the cause of the issue, please call a professional. Some fixes – such as replacing batteries and adjusting sensors are likely easy for you – but more complex problems like handling springs or any disassembly, we recommend calling.  In the long run, it can save you time, energy, pain, and money.