Does it Swing or Does It Slide?

A gate is a beautiful addition to a home or community. How, though, might it open? The two predominant options are for it to swing or for it to slide. Their name says it all – sliding gates slide in and out parallel along to the gates opening; swinging gates swing open and closed in an arc, like an Old West saloon door (either single or double). Both types have their positives and negatives. Let’s discuss!

Here’s Why You Should Use a Swing Gate:

  • They require less maintenance and fewer repairs. Swing gates have fewer moving parts than slide gates, so there are fewer parts that may break down.
  • They make far less noise. Noise of any gate only lasts as long as it takes your gate to open – so, not that long. But for that short stint, swing gates are much quieter.
  • Swing gates may be more pleasing to the eye. Slide gates can be slick and are usually less visible when open. There is something satisfying, though, about a gate swinging open and for most people, when they imagine a gated property, they imagine a swinging gate.
    • Budget. A swinging gate is typically less expensive than a sliding one. The mounting and operation is simpler.

Here’s Why You Should Use a Slide Gate:

  • Your landscape makes it necessary. If there is anything blocking the area into which a swinging gate would open, then a sliding gate is for you. Whether rocks, trees, parking spaces – many elements may lead you to choosing a gate that slides.
  • Your driveway slopes. If there is a significant upward slope into your driveway, a swinging gate would be extremely difficult to install.
  • It is out of the way. A swinging gate can take up space in your entryway and be a hazard or be hit. A sliding gate stays out of the way.

A lot of your decision will be based on personal preference and aesthetic taste. Try to go into finding your gate with as much information as possible. We can not only install your gate, but answer all of your questions! Call us, so we can help you make the best decision for you.