From appeal to security, garage doors matter for businesses

Commercial garage doors may be the first thing someone notices about your businessHow your business appears to the public influences customer reactions. If garage doors are a prominent part of your physical location such as with a repair shop or storage facility, they’re going to stand out to anyone stopping in or passing by. You want to choose a style that’s in line with your brand image and gives your company’s building a clean, reputable look. Even if the doors are around the back, it’s important that they are well kept and secure.

Convenience and Safety

The garage door you choose needs to operate well and be able to hold up through daily work conditions. It should open quickly and with smooth movements, and it should never slide or slam shut when you don’t want it to. Though these features may sound simple, they’re important to ensure the safety of customers and employees.


Any door can be a security risk if not properly protected. Garage doors are especially tempting targets due to their prominence and size. However, many commercial models are outfitted with features such as coded keypads to ensure that only authorized personnel have access. The materials used deter theft as well. Solid aluminum and steel doors without windows are difficult to breach, and if someone did try, building alarms would sound long before they got in.

Security grilles on retail locations inside larger buildings provide similar protection. Since many items stay sitting out while stores are closed, a solid grille ensures that no opportunistic thieves can get in and help themselves.


Anything kept in a garage may be subject to damage from weather, fire, and other hazards. When outfitting your business with new garage doors, consider the quality of the seal. Look into insulated models to keep temperature changes to a minimum. Fire-rated safety doors are another option. These features protect assets such as inventory and equipment in the event of a disaster, keeping losses to a minimum and helping you get back to business quickly.

When it comes time to upgrade the garage doors at your business, call the Overhead Door Company of Portland. We offer a wide selection of commercial doors that include sectional, service, rolling steel, and security grilles. We’ll help you choose the right door type for your business to ensure that you get the best quality with the highest amount of appeal.