The right garage door is a vital part of your home for many reasons – from curb appeal to security to energy savings. Often forgotten, though, is that a garage door can be a significant boost to your home’s property value. In turn, that same garage door can help to sell your home!


There are three primary ways in which a garage door can increase your home’s value:

Curb Appeal

When selling you home, it is vital to consider the appearance of the facade. The garage door usually faces the street and encompasses up to 40% of a prospective buyer’s first visual impression. The eye is easily drawn to the garage door, so you want to make sure the eye likes what it sees!

Make sure the look of your garage door complements the rest of the house. Perhaps you want to match the color scheme; perhaps match the window styles; perhaps allow the garage to stand out with a bold, but integrated design. This is simply a cosmetic issue, but you want to use the outside of your home to entice people to explore the inside.

Even if the style of the door gels with the rest of the house, if the door appears older or outdated, it can stand out – in a negative way. If a lot of your facade has been replaced recently, it might be time to catch the garage door up to speed.

Of course, any visible damage to the door is going to be a red flag for people and may stop them from looking more closely at your home. The damage may not affect the working of the door, but you’ll want to get that fixed. If nothing else, A coat of paint can often be your best friend. Whether to make the color match the rest of the facade or to make a faded door look shiny and new again, a coat of paint could bring you a fantastic return on investment.

Energy Savings

Having an energy saving garage door will not just save you money while you’re living in your home. It can also increase your home’s value by up to 4%. Insulation keeps air out of your home, so you can better maintain the internal temperature of the garage. If your garage is heated or if it is connected directly to the rest of your home, then the effect of an insulated garage can be quite significant.

Overhead Door Company of Portland can help you find out how insulated your garage door is and what options there might be to improve it. Not only will you be saving energy, you will be saving money and you could fetch a higher sale price!


A garage door with up-to-date technology appeals to buyers looking for that move-in ready home. While this is not obvious at first glance, people looking at the details of your home will appreciate garage door features that protect from both accidents and intruders. We can talk with you about options to make your door as secure and safe as possible. It will help your home’s value and it will help your peace of mind while you are still living there!

Time and time again, it has been shown that upgrading your garage door is one of the best ways to get a return on your investment when selling a home. (And it is far cheaper and easier than the other top investments, like adding a deck or remodeling your kitchen!) So, take a look at what your garage door could use. Whether it’s a coat of paint, simple repairs, new accessories, or a full door replacement, your garage door upgrade can make selling your home easier and more profitable. Call us at Overhead Door Company of Portland and let us help you make it happen!