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Unless you’re grilling a steak or trying to stay warm at a campsite, fire isn’t usually a welcome entity. If you own a commercial building, one accidental fire could destroy your assets. Keeping your merchandise, employees and valuable documents safe is a top priority. If you’re not familiar with fire prevention, following FEMA’s fire prevention tips is a great start. However, even if you’re careful, fires can happen. One way to reduce your losses in the event of a fire is to incorporate fire-resistant features into the structure of your building. Garage doors with flame-proof elements can slow the rate of a rapidly spreading fire; this gives people inside the structure time to escape injury and firefighters more time to get the blaze under control before extensive damage occurs.

Components That Make Your Garage Door a Fearless Firefighter

If you want fire protection, here are the features you should look for when choosing commercial doors:

•    Be sure that your garage door is rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as a fire-resistant product. You can do this by checking the manufacturer’s specifications. Learn more about the UL fire-resistance rating system at their website.

•    Some commercial fire-rated doors are designed to close automatically when a fire or alarmed event occurs.

•    The Fire Minuteman is a UL-listed and FM-approved reset hoist for fire doors. It eliminates the need to release spring tension on fire drop and allows one person to reset the door from the floor. No special tools, ladders or specific training is required, so anyone can accomplish the task in an emergency.

•    The Fire Sentinel is a time-relay release device that provides added control over door closure.

The Overhead Door Company of Oregon Cares About Your Safety

When Portland, OR, business owners need garage door replacement, they turn to the company that’s been providing expert installation since 1929. Serving Portland’s residential and commercial clients, we deliver customized service that includes unmatched ongoing maintenance and cutting-edge security technology. To find a garage door that boasts the most reliable safety and fire-prevention features, visit our showroom or contact us for more information.