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Protect Your Garage—and Your Home—from the Elements

Portland residents love to play up the city’s generally mild weather, and it’s true that our part of the world looks like paradise next to Alaska or Arizona. That said, Portland still experiences the temperature swings that accompany any four-season climate. To protect your home and your wallet from these unpredictable patterns, you need a first line of defense that works even when you’re out of the house. Our Thermocore-insulated garage doors offer protection like no other.

What Is Thermocore Insulation?

Thermocore is an industry-leading brand of “structural insulated panels.” Its products can be found in a variety of locations in residential and commercial structures, including:

• Roofs
• Interior and exterior walls
• Garage doors
• Outbuildings

Thermocore’s panels use special polyurethane foam that protects indoor environments from temperature shocks and drafts. Thanks to stud-less framing, the panels lack the “thermal breaks” that affect similar products made by other firms. In our garage doors, Thermocore’s customized panels fit snugly into virtually any configuration and provide years of energy savings.

Specs and Standards

The most powerful way to highlight the benefits of a Thermocore-insulated garage door is simply to point to the energy savings that the product promises. First, Thermocore’s R-values—the primary measure of energy efficiency—are off the charts: its latest products promise superior R-value readings of 17.5, a level that far exceeds that of competing products. Thermocore doors also promise additional benefits:

• Panel thicknesses of one to two inches
• Heights of up to 32 feet
• Widths of up to 40 feet
• Maximal air infiltration protection at wind speeds of up to 25 mph
• “Sandwich panel” construction that alternates layers of material for maximal insulating power

How We Use It

We proudly use Thermocore insulation for our most durable class of sectional doors. We offer several levels of insulating power:

• Light duty
• Medium duty
• Heavy duty
• Extra heavy duty

No matter which type you choose, you can count on powerful insulating power that keeps hot or cold air out and temperate air in.

Get Great Deals on Insulated Garage Doors in Portland

If you’re sold on the importance of a well-insulated garage door, you’re ready for the fun part. Since just about every Portland-area home is different, we’re proud to make a wide range of garage doors to fit your taste, budget and physical specifications. Contact us at Overhead Door Company of Portland to learn more about how Thermocore garage doors can transform your car’s overnight resting place into a cozy, efficiency-enhancing feature of your home.