If your garage door is acting funny… is it a bad funny that needs fixing? Or is it a good funny that you created?

Let’s start with the bad…

1. The Door Won’t Close

If your garage door is stuck open, first check to see if there are any obstructions blocking the door. The safety sensors might be doing their job and not allowing the door to close. If the way is clear, the sensors may be dirty or may be out of alignment. So, you may try to clean and adjust those. Finally, check the tracks. Make sure they are clean and clear.

2. The Door Won’t Open

If your garage door won’t open, check everything from The Door Won’t Close section. Then, more closely examine rollers and springs. One of these could be broken and that is more dangerous. Have a professional fix those. If not, the door may be locked, or the door might be fine and the trouble is with the opener.

3. The Door Makes Odd Noises

If your garage door is noisy, examine the moving parts. You may need to tighten some nuts and bolts. Make sure nothing is stuck in the rollers or the track. The rollers also might just be worn and need to be replaced to get rid of the noise. Finally, you can lubricate the system. Hopefully, that will help quiet the door.

4. The Door Rattles When Opening and Closing

If your door shakes or rattles when opening or closing, it is quite possible that it is out of alignment. You can check the moving parts, but if it is really shaking more than just making a rattling noise, then you should consider leaving it alone and having a professional inspect it. If the door is out of alignment, you don’t want to make it worse and cause more damage.

And now the good!

But maybe your garage door is funny because that is exactly what you want. A German company called Style Your Garage sells garage door posters that make it appear as though your garage is open with all manner of impossible and ridiculous scenes inside. Who knows how long you would enjoy this, or what your neighbors would think. It is, though, a lot of fun to look at the options and imagine… and just maybe maybe maybe poster your garage door…