Extreme weather takes advantage of weak garage doors

Are your garage doors ready for the shifting seasons?

Climate change has had a major impact on Oregon’s weather and could produce even greater effects in the future. The Environmental Protection Agency predicts that Portland will experience hot, dry summer conditions and unusually wet winters. This harsh weather has the potential to put many homes at risk. If your garage doors aren’t durable enough, climate change could easily harm your house, garage, or vehicle.

Hot Weather

Greenhouse gases have the power to raise temperatures throughout the year. Unfortunately, excessive heat can cause wooden doors to warp or crack. The city of Portland warns that summer electricity prices could increase as residents use more air conditioners and as droughts hobble hydroelectric plants. You can minimize cooling costs by installing adequate garage door insulation.


As the climate changes, heavy rainstorms could become more common in the winter. A report from the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute predicts that coastal floods will increase. Proper garage door maintenance can reduce a building’s vulnerability to moisture. If you have a wooden door, you’ll need to paint or varnish it more often to prevent decay.


The EPA also warns that changing conditions could bolster pest populations in Oregon. It’s vital to stop insects and rodents from using your garage door as an entryway, especially if the garage connects to your living quarters. Some pests will stay outside if the door has weather stripping and a good seal at the bottom. Metal units offer better protection from wood-boring insects.


During recent years, summer droughts and heat waves triggered a number of wildfires in and around Portland. Invasive pests could make the situation worse by damaging trees. It’s important to seal any gaps around your garage’s entrances, since they could allow sparks to blow indoors. You can also decrease your home’s vulnerability to fire by purchasing sturdy steel doors.


The same winds that aid wildfires could harm your garage door by striking it with projectiles. Powerful gusts may also knock the door off its track and put your vehicle or lawn equipment at risk. To avoid this kind of damage, install wind-resistant doors with no windows. These heavy-duty units stand up to almost any severe weather and protect the entire building from strong storms.

If you’re concerned about a door’s ability to withstand harsh conditions or shield you from extreme temperatures, Overhead Door Company of Portland can help. Our staff provides professional garage door maintenance and installation services in western Oregon. We offer highly durable products at competitive prices. For more information or to schedule service, visit our website today.