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Most garages get hot over the summer. In a lot of places, summers are getting hotter, which means garages are getting hotter, too. But there are ways to cool them off! (Garages, that is, not summers.) While the main reasons garages can become so hot are a lack of ventilation and a lack of insulation, there are many factors and just as many ways to combat the heat with Overhead Door Company of Portland in Portland, OR.

Ways to Cool Your Garage

Park your car outside

  • If you are regularly using the car, it is warm when you drive home. The car will cool faster outside the garage and its heat won’t warm up the garage. 

Open or close the garage door (and any windows) open for a few hours

  •  If your garage is in direct sunlight, consider keeping the door closed as much as possible. On the other hand, if it is in the shade – let the fresh air in and the heat out! If you are opening the garage door, make sure you are home and not leaving it unattended. 

Install a ceiling fan or air conditioner in your garage.

  •  Make sure that you are installing equipment that is appropriate for the size of your garage, but these can, of course, make a big difference. Air conditioners can be quite expensive. But they are a sure way to keep cool. This is a better option if you spend a lot of time in the garage.

Insulate your garage

  • Adding insulation will help your garage all year long. It will keep your garage cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Garages are usually one of the most poorly insulated rooms in the whole house. Especially if you want to spend significant time in the garage, insulation in the walls is one of the best solutions.

Change the garage’s color 

  • If your garage is a dark color, it absorbs more heat. Try painting it in a lighter color and you will likely feel a few degrees cooler during the summer.


  • Hot air rises up, and roof vents allow it to escape. This also lets you open the roof vents when the temperature outside is cooler. Vents can also help clear out any fumes generated in your garage.

Consider a dehumidifier 

  • Decreasing the humidity of a room leads to lower temperatures. It also removes the soggy feeling that leads to sweating. Humid air traps the heat and makes the room feel hotter than it is. You also will want to manage humidity levels If you have sensitive goods or furniture or electrical equipment in the garage. A dehumidifier and fan can make an efficient, low-cost, and energy-efficient cooling system.

Limit Clutter

  • Bulky tools, machinery, and large general clutter not only take up space, they can block airflow and trap heat inside. It’s not an obvious solution, but keeping a tidy garage can help you keep a slightly cooler garage.

Before choosing one or more of these solutions, think about how your garage is going to be used. Will you be in there for lengthy periods throughout the week, or just a few minutes in the morning and evening? Is your garage in a shady area or is it in sunlight all day? Will the garage be used for your car or for storage or for construction? Thinking about these questions can help you decide whether to invest in more extensive options or perhaps less-effective, but less-expensive options.

Of course, you also can call us to help you insulate your garage door. An insulated garage door:

    • Improves the energy efficiency in your garage,
    • Blocking hot air from entering your garage in the summer and cold air in the winter,
    • Protects your car and other equipment from extreme temperatures,
    • Keeps any workspace cool in the summer and warm in the winter,
    • Tends to last longer than doors without insulation,
    • And blocks unwanted noise.

Call us in Portland, OR. Let us help you do our part to keep you and your garage cool this summer and next summer and the next and the next…