Can we all agree the risk of ice is gone for another season? If your garage door was the victim of a slipping and sliding car this past winter, now’s the time to repair the damage. Spring is also the perfect time to address bi-annual maintenance needs for your garage door.

With the arrival of spring, temperatures rise and moisture levels fall, which can impact the operation of your garage door. A little work twice a year can help increase the lifespan of your door and help you avoid bigger and more costly repairs down the road. The technical experts at Overhead Door of Portland stand ready to answer your call with our inspection program that’s sure to keep your door rolling smoothly.

Through our 40-plus years in business, we fine-tuned our maintenance program to ensure we address anything and everything that could be impacting how well your door operates.

Here are some of the steps we take during a garage door inspection and annual maintenance visit:

Visual Inspection: We examine the door for signs of wear and tear such as dents, cracks, or rust, and take a close look at the weather stripping for damage. Next, we inspect the tracks, rollers, and hinges for signs of misalignment or damage. Our team even takes a close look at all the bolts, nuts, and screws to assure they are tight.

Lubrication: To reduce friction and ensure smooth operation, your various garage door parts need lubrication. We use a silicone-based lubricant and apply it to the rollers, hinges, and tracks

Balance Test: A well-balanced garage door is always the goal. If you manually lift the door to the halfway point and it falls or rises, the door has a balance issue and needs adjustment. If we find a problem, we’ll make adjustments on the spot.

Safety Check: Keeping your garage door operating safely is critical. We test the auto-reverse feature by placing an object in the door’s path and closing it. If the door does not reverse direction when it contacts the object, or even before, we’ll make sure the photo-eye sensors are properly aligned and free from obstructions. If there’s still a problem, we’ll adjust the opener settings.

Tighten Hardware: Loose hardware can cause a garage door to operate inefficiently and can cause damage if not addressed. Those bolts, nuts, and screws that we inspect on both the door and the opener, will be tightened if needed.

Cleanliness: Garages can be pretty dirty places and all of that dirt and debris can build up on the tracks, hinges, and rollers of your garage door. The grime not only looks bad but can cause your garage door to operate inefficiently. We’ll clean the door and all of its parts.

Test Remote Controls: Sometimes a faulty garage door, isn’t the door at all, but the remote control. We’ll test your remote control to ensure it’s functioning correctly and that the door responds promptly to commands.

While many of these maintenance items for your garage door may seem simple enough to do yourself, there are several benefits to hiring a professional.

The technicians at Overhead Door have the expertise and experience to identify and diagnose problems and then find effective solutions. Our professionals have access to top-quality parts and tools so any repairs or replacements are done to a high standard. In addition, we’re familiar with safety protocols which are important as garage doors can be heavy and have complex mechanisms making them potentially dangerous to work on without proper training and the right equipment.

By hiring Overhead Door to tackle your annual garage door maintenance, not only do you save yourself the time and effort of diagnosing and fixing it yourself, but you are assured of getting quality workmanship. With our team on the job, you can trust that your door will continue to operate safely and reliably, providing security for your home and belongings.

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your garage door safe, reliable, and long-lasting. By following these annual maintenance tasks, you can ensure that your garage door continues to serve you well for years. Remember, when in doubt, it’s always best to consult with a professional to address any concerns or issues promptly.

Overhead Door Company makes it easy to keep your garage door in perfect shape by offering our maintenance program. Enrollment is free, and membership includes discounts on labor, service, and repair, as well as priority scheduling.

Contact us to enroll.