Show your customers what you have to offer with a door that showcases the best of your business

Think about the last time you walked by a store with an eye-catching glass door. Did the display make you stop and look or even go in and make a purchase despite not planning to buy anything? That’s exactly the kind of enticing impression that your own business should be making if you want to increase sales and draw in new customers. Adding a glass door can provide just that sort of marketing advantage, but before you upgrade, consider both the benefits and drawbacks of this design feature.

Benefits of Glass Doors

Upgrading to glass front doors for your business allows you to:

• Prominently place your best merchandise to attract passing customers
• Hang signs and banners to advertise current specials and promotions
• Create a custom design with a printed logo or window decals that may be changed from season to season
• Let in natural light to enhance the atmosphere of the store
• Increase security with keypad entry or other extra safety features

Glass doors are also highly customizable with many different opening styles, hardware options and tints available to complement the personality of your business.

Glass Door Drawbacks

Unfortunately, a big drawback of glass storefront doors is the same as one of the benefits: visibility. The prominent display of merchandise may draw thieves as well as legitimate customers, resulting in loss of profit and possible damage to your store. If your business is located outside, weather is another concern. Strong winds and precipitation such as hail can shatter glass and leave you with high repair or replacement bills.

Installation of glass doors can be on the tricky side. The doors must be placed properly so that they open without sticking or squeaking in all kinds of weather. Once they’re up, you’ll have to watch out for fingerprints and other dirt that can mar the glass and detract from the look of your store.

Glass door installation requires a professional eye and experience in working with the materials involved. After all, the whole point is to draw customers to your store with an attractive display. You want doors that will look great and operate smoothly for the life of your business. If you’re ready to upgrade to a glass storefront door, give the Overhead Door Company of Portland, OR, a call. We offer everything from residential garage door replacement to commercial services. Let us help your business give the kind of first impression that makes customers want to keep coming back.