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Is your garage door a valuable selling point or a pitiful relic? If you’ve ever seen HGTV’s “Curb Appeal,” you understand the importance of appearance when selling your home. Potential home buyers react to houses the same way many people react to other humans. If it doesn’t make a good first impression, they’re not interested. Although it may seem terribly shallow and unfair, there’s a good reason for paying attention to aesthetics. When a home’s exterior looks updated and well-kept, it suggests that its owner has taken good care of it. It’s important to have your siding and windows in great shape, and it helps to tidy up your landscape, but don’t forget that your garage door occupies almost half of the visible portion of your home’s exterior. If it’s old, outdated, worn or just plain ugly, it could be a huge turn-off to buyers. Fortunately, an unattractive garage door is something you can fix easily.

It’s Time for a Makeover

It’s not hard to understand why a new garage door raises your property value. Old, heavy garage doors are no longer acceptable to most homeowners. They’re hard to lift and waste both time and effort. Today’s smooth operating sectional doors look great, roll up easily and provide better security. With so many options available, you can easily find a garage door to complement your home’s architectural style and other exterior features such as your windows and entry doors. Material choices include wood, aluminum, glass, steel and even vinyl, so there’s a door for every budget. Choose from traditional panels, contemporary designs and charming, historic carriage house styles.

Beyond Looks: Your New Garage Door Can Save Money

A new garage door doesn’t just turn heads. It can save you and the home’s future owners money. Replacing a garage door is one of the top five renovation projects known to deliver the highest return on investment at resale. You can expect to recoup about 84% of the cost. Because today’s garage doors are created with energy efficiency in mind, you’ll also save on your heating and cooling bills while you live in the house.

Overhead Door Company Makes Boosting Curb Appeal Easy

Both figuratively and literally, your garage door is a big deal; there’s no easier or faster way to make an impression on potential buyers than improving the look of a feature that accounts for 40% of your home’s appearance. At Overhead Door Company of Portland, OR, we carry an extensive selection of premium garage doors in styles and colors that give your home’s exterior new life and deliver superb performance and energy efficiency. Contact us today, so we can help you make your home a real estate agent’s dream.