It may seem tempting to try to and repair a garage door yourself. It certainly may be the less expensive option and may appear to be a invigorating challenge. There is a lot to consider, though, before breaking out the toolbox instead of breaking out the telephone to call a professional.

What skills does the repair require?

Fixing your garage door is not the time to learn new skills on the job. Between the weight of the door, the high-tension springs, and the cables, garage doors can easily cause serious injuries or damage. In addition, with all the moving parts, an inadequate fix may cause greater problems with the system.

What tools does the repair require?

Similarly, a garage door repair is not the ideal time to learn how to use a new tool. Many of these repairs will require specific tolls and materials, which could be expensive if you do not already own them. Before proceeding on your own, make sure you know what tools you will need, that you have access to them, and that you feel confident using them.

What time commitment will the repair require?

One of the reasons to hire a professional is time. As experienced technicians, they are likely able to diagnose and repair the door much more quickly than a homeowner. That not only saves you your time, but gets your door working sooner! Before starting a project, factor in how much time you have to commit to seeing it through.

What does your warranty allow?

Many garage doors, when installed, come with a manufacturer’s warranty that requires repairs to be made by a certified technician. If you try to make repairs on your own, you could void your warranty, so be sure to look at it before beginning your own repairs.

In particular, here are five repairs you may encounter that we highly recommend you hire a professional to handle for your own safety and the proper operation of your door.

  • Bent Tracks – Your garage door moves on rolling tracks that can become broken or bent, causing your door to malfunction and creating a dangerous hazard.
  • Panel Replacement – When an outside panel needs replacing, a professional can perform the job more safely and provide tips for future care of your door.
  • Roller Replacement – Often door problems are a result of a roller bending, breaking, or wearing out. These can be complicated and dangerous to replace, so please do call a technician.
  • Spring Replacement – Garage door springs are extremely dangerous. They are under high levels of tension and should not be handled by anyone except a professional.
  • Broken Cables – Cables are also under a lot of tension and pressure, so they can cause serious injuries if not handled properly. Please be safe and avoid replacing them yourself.

Generally, we highly recommend that unless you have experience, you hire a professional technician to repair your garage door. Not only is it far safer, but they can get the job done more thoroughly and more quickly while helping you try to avoid problems in the future. If you have any work that you need done with your garage door, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are here to help!