After reading our blog post about signs your garage door needs to be replaced, you’ll understand:

    • What to look for to determine if you need garage door replacement panels or an entirely new system
    • Why Overhead Door Company of Portland can help fix or provide a replacement garage door

You probably use your garage door every day. Over time, this repeated use can wear down the system and leave your garage door inoperational. Before it gets to that point, though, you should be able to tell that something has gone awry.

Track Misalignment

Garage doors use parallel tracks to help roll the door up and down. However, these tracks can become misaligned. This will prevent the door from opening or closing properly. This, in turn, gives potential bad actors access to your garage, potentially putting your family or your personal property at risk.

While misalignment is most often caused by gradual wear and tear, it can also result from a specific incident. For instance, if a substantially sized object were to hit your garage door, it could cause damage to the tracks.
It’s important to fix misaligned tracks immediately. Even a small issue can turn into a much more significant one if left unrepaired. This might force you to pay for more expensive repairs or even a complete replacement of your garage doors.


Excessive Noise

When your garage door is working properly, it should move efficiently and quietly. If you hear loud or odd noises during the door’s operation, this is a sign that something is wrong with your garage door system.

Different types of noise may indicate different issues. A grinding sound, for example, could mean that the system’s torsion springs are beginning to break down. On the other hand, popping sounds could signify that you need garage door replacement panels as they no longer fit together as they should.

Just like with track misalignment, it’s important to fix the issue promptly. Excessive noise can mean that your garage door springs are about to break. If they do, it could lead to a serious injury for anyone nearby.


Deteriorating Finishes

Another sign of wear and tear on your garage door system is deteriorating door panels. Sun, wind and other environmental effects can leave a panel’s finish faded and dull. This can be a major concern if your door sits in direct sunlight.

Luckily, there are ways to fix the issue. Garage door replacement panels can be installed to remove any faded or deteriorating ones. However, this can also leave your garage door looking like a mish-mash of different panels. It may be more cost-effective to replace the whole door for a more uniform look and prevent further wear and tear issues.


Out of Balance

Everything, including garage doors, work better when they are in balance. When your door falls out of balance, it causes strain and pressure on components that may not be able to compensate for their new workload. Springs may snap, or doors may fall shut. This is a potentially dangerous situation, especially if you have pets or young children.


Garage Door Replacement in Portland, OR

The Overhead Door Company of Portland serves as your garage door experts of the Pacific Northwest. Our team of professional garage door technicians can help identify the underlying causes of your system’s symptoms and work quickly to repair or replace needed components. We can also advise you on the most cost-effective solutions, such as replacing an old system that’s on its last legs.

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs of garage door replacement at your home, contact us today at 503-252-5111.