Your garage door is an important part of your home. It is significant in home security. It affects your home’s insulation from extreme weather. It takes up a large portion of the facade and so adds to your home’s curbside appeal. It is essential for a home with a garage.

Because of your garage door’s importance and expense, you want to avoid garage door damage as much as possible. If it turns out that your overhead door does sustain damage and you need repairs, please call us. But even better if we can help you avoid this damage in the first place.

Beautiful facade with Garage Doors

1) Keep Items Away from the Garage Door

Try not to put any items in the path of the door, leaning against it, or – if possible – even particularly close to it. Anything in that vicinity can turn into an obstacle that blocks, breaks, or damages the door. If you store cars in the garage, ensure that there is enough room for the cars to leave and enter with clearance. This might sound incredibly obvious, but you would be surprised how often preventable garage door damage comes from carelessly placed items around the door.

2) Occasionally Check on Your Door

Every now and then, make sure that your door is working properly. Does the door open and close smoothly? Does it make an unusual noise? Is it running more slowly than it had? If you notice the signs that something may be wrong, you can either fix the problem or have a professional examine the door. This could save you from more serious damage that is on the horizon. 

3) Secure Your Garage Door

Intruders are, of course, incredibly rare. However, they also have the potential to do considerable damage to your garage door if they try to enter that way. You can install security and lights that make your garage door (and your home) less attractive to intruders. Perhaps place signs that state your home is under surveillance. Not only can this help to protect your home in general, but it can prevent damage specifically to your garage door.

4) Don’t Play with a Garage Door

Garage doors can cause serious injury. Garage door openers and wall controls should not be treated as toys and are not recommended for use by young children. It is also not recommended for children (or adults!) to play directly under the path of an open garage door. Better safe than sorry when dealing with such a heavy machine. This can prevent damage to your garage door and, more importantly, injury to anyone at your home. 

5) Have the Door Either Open or Closed All the Way

Your garage door is happiest being all the way open or all the way closed. A partially open door is more likely to be hit or damaged. You also might not know which way it is going to move when you next activate the door. It is safer for you and for your door to keep it fully in one position or the other.

6) Watch the Door when it is Moving

This is another way to keep your home, your family, and your door safer. If you are watching the door as it opens and closes, you can spot trouble before it happens. You can see if something is blocking the door, hear if the door starts to grind, make sure the door closes or opens all the way, and more. It is incredibly unusual that the door will have any issues opening or closing, but some of those rare issues can be prevented if you keep an eye on it while it is moving.

Sectional Steel Garage Doors

Even with the best possible maintenance and care, your garage door – in the long run – will require repair or replacement. When that time comes, let us know and we will help you. But in the meantime, reduce the need for a professional and extend the life of your overhead garage door by taking some simple precautions to avoid damage.