When you are replacing your garage door, one of the decisions you need to make is whether or not your door will have windows. If you are considering whether or not they are right for you and your home, there are several considerations. Certainly though, the beautiful and stylish addition of windows to your garage door can be an excellent way to enhance your home’s aesthetic.

Window Pros:

  • Coordination with the rest of the house. You can coordinate the garage door windows with the windows on your front door or the rest of your home. The style, the design. Take that final step that ties together the entire facade. 
  • Additional natural light. This may be the greatest Pro of all. The natural light streaming in from the windows can make the garage seem larger and cleaner. When you enter, you can see your car or your workspace more easily without artificial lighting – perhaps you don’t even need artificial lighting during some times of day and year! The windows will bring warmth, both in atmosphere and in actual temperature. It is one of the most significant ways to liven up your garage.
  • Increased choices. There are many options for garage door design. Color, style, material. When you add windows, the number of available choices skyrockets. Now, you have all of the shapes and styles of window to consider. Embrace the options and create a door that appeals to your precise taste.

Window Cons:

  • Perceived loss of privacy. This one can feel meaningful. You certainly do not want to feel that there is a new place where people can see into your home, especially if it means seeing the contents of your garage. However! Many garage door windows are at a height that makes them inaccessible. You also could install mirrored, frosted, or tinted windows which will still allow you to see out and light get in, but will minimize people’s ability to peek.
  • Perceived loss of security. Similarly, you do not want to feel that the windows are an easier way for someone to break into the garage. Or a weak point for weather or branches. However! Depending on the location of the window in the door, these windows may not become a simple entry point at all. You also could consider reinforced glass which will be able to withstand impact almost as well as other garage door materials.  
  • Decreased insulation. Windows provide less insolation than the material of a garage door. They have a comparatively low R-value rating. However! Depending on your location and your use of the garage, this may or may not be a significant consideration for you. The windows will let in light and heat, which can be valuable. Unless you live in extreme temperatures and spend significant time in the garage, the benefit will likely outweigh this loss of insulation.

You also may be concerned about the cost of installing windows with your garage door. It may be a little bit more expensive, but what you will gain in appearance, curb appeal, and value will likely bring you a huge return on that investment. 

There are so many options available to you in windows. We can help you take all of the details into consideration and make the best decision for you and for your home. At the very least, windows deserve serious consideration. They can elevate the look of your home from both the outside and the inside, and they can allow you to enjoy being in your garage and coming home to your garage in a whole new way.