Indoor ideas that move the walls

They’re functional, secure and need very little maintenance. Average life expectancy is a generous 20 to 25 years, and they’re available in a surprising variety of styles and colors. You might not consider them a decorating trend, but stylish overhead garage doors are quickly making exciting new moves inside the home.

Open the Wall

It’s easy to think of garage doors as solid enclosures, but imagine glass paneled roll-ups that elevate with the touch of a remote. Even small rooms have big potential with a moveable glass wall, and double-height spaces take on dramatic new dimensions. These custom installations with overhead framing add industrial chic to any decor. Why just open windows on a pretty day when you can raise the entire wall?

Install Flexible Interiors

It can get pretty noisy in the game room when the kids are having fun. How about a wall that contains their recreational enthusiasm with finger-tip control? Overhead glass garage doors are easily fitted to any space, so you can corral the wildest bunch and still keep an eye on the action. Apply this sound-proofing idea in reverse, and that home office in the den becomes a quiet alcove for working while you shut out distractions. If you prefer more privacy, consider carriage-style garage doors. These smart alternatives add flexibility and function to every room.

Repurpose Outdoor Entertaining

If you’re looking for entertainment potential in the backyard, rescue that detached garage or storage shed with a new overhead door. Why build from scratch when a perfectly sound structure is ready for repurposing? Turn an outbuilding into an outdoor getaway with single panel up-and-over doors. These glass beauties tilt out and lift up, aligning with the interior’s ceiling. Their swing-out action creates an awning when the doors are open, so you can duck out of the rain in a hurry. If the weather refuses to cooperate, lower the doors, ignore the elements and still enjoy your party.

The next time you raise those dependable doors in the garage, let the possibilities expand your imagination. Our teams specialize in custom installations here at Overhead Door Company of Portland, so share your inspiration with us. We can unlock all kinds of ideas that open up the best in your home.