Most people lose or misplace items on a regular basis – and the garage door opener is not immune. Not only is it more common than you may think, but it is also exactly as annoying and frustrating as you might expect. Even if your opener always stays in your car, it can become lost. Between people and things getting in and out of the car, moving stuff around, falling out of the car, falling under or between seats… there are many possibilities. And that is just if you keep your opener in the car at all times! Whatever the reason, if you do lose your garage door opener, what happens next?

First, you will want to do a thorough search. If you are successful in finding the remote, that may save you more time and annoyance that could have been avoided! But once you are sure that it is gone…


See if you have a spare.

Many homeowners have a spare garage door remote, which is perfect in this situation. First, erase the lost remote from the memory of your opener and reset the code. That way the missing remote will not work, in case someone besides you or your family comes across it. It is the garage door equivalent of changing your locks when you lose your keys. You may have the option to lock the remote instead. Then, should the remote turn up, you can unlock it and use it and save yourself the trouble of resetting the codes. In the meantime, you can use your spare, and that should serve you well until you have a chance to get a new spare remote or the original turns up.


Figure out how to open your garage manually

If you don’t have a spare, then the next step is to figure out how to open your garage without the remote. It is a good idea to know how to do this even if your remote is not lost. Manufacturers provide ways to open your garage door fairly easily without using the opener, so you should be able to do this without too much trouble. Just make sure to be safe! If your door is in need of maintenance or repair, you may find that your door is heavy or will not stay open without support. If you experience anything like this, call a professional in Portland, OR.


Replace Your Garage Opener Remote

Whether you are now down to zero remotes or you still have a spare, it is probably time to order at least one replacement. You should be able to look at the garage door mechanism to see what brand the door and opener are. You also could look at the manual, if you still have access to that. You may even be able to search online to find which remotes will work with your opener. You may be able to get a replacement directly from the manufacturer. Or, perhaps the easiest solution, would be to simply call us at Overhead Door Company of Portland in Portland, OR.


What if You Have an Older Garage Door

Older garage doors can present additional difficulties. Perhaps the company no longer makes the remote you need or has even gone out of business. It also may be more difficult to find information on how to contact them or set up a new remote.  If you find that you cannot reach the manufacturer or they no longer provide openers, your next call could be to us at Overhead Door Company of Portland to see how we can help.

There are also universal remotes available for older garages. So, only a  little bit of investigation should turn up options that can work for your door and system.  


Consider Getting a Smart Opener

Perhaps, instead of replacing your remote with another remote, you might consider replacing it with a smart opener. You can move the ability to open your garage from a remote to your smartphone. You can also then check to see if your door is open or closed and operate it from anywhere at any time.

You can also get a smart opener that allows you to program it for multiple phones at a time. Many of these systems work with existing doors and openers, so it is likely that making this change will not require any investment into changing anything else about your door.

It turns out that losing your garage door remote is not as bad as it may feel in the moment. If you do not have a spare, you can manually open and close the door while waiting for a replacement. And maybe, if you decide to go with a smart opener, the replacement will be even more convenient than the original. Though, the smart opener does come with its own consideration because… hmmm…. where did you put your phone?…

Updated: 9/19/2022