You may be asking yourself – Why have a garage at all? A functioning, useful garage can be a vital room in any home. While we have, in the past, highly recommended that you let your cars live in your garage, the fact remains that a garage is one of the most versatile rooms in a house. These days, people use it for anything and everything.

Entertainment Room – One of the most popular ideas is to turn the garage into a multi-purpose space with a television and seating. Finish the walls, add lighting, install an entertainment system in one corner for the tv, stereo, and gaming consoles. Maybe a rug. Maybe a small fridge. Suddenly, you have a perfect retreat for any time of year.

Fitness Room – There is space for all of your equipment. You can comfortably fit free weights, a treadmill, even weight machines. There are many possibilities for storage of loose equipment, like jump ropes or exercise balls. Lay down some thick mats to save your ankles and knees and you have yourself a motivating exercise room. It will be great for you and great for the rest of your family and visitors as you can finally get that elliptical out of the living room!

Workshop – Classic. Garages make a great work area. No matter what your hobby (or even job!) is, it is fairly easy to turn your garage into the ideal work space. You can customize storage, flooring, and lighting. You can even install a retractable screen for the garage door, so you can have ventilation without bugs.

Game Room – If you have a foosball table, a ping pong table, and a dart board, what better than to clean out your garage and make yourself a game room. Open the garage door, bring out some drinks, and you can’t have a better summer day.

And don’t forget…

Starting a Multi-million dollar company – Walt and Roy Disney started filming shorts in a garage. Hewlett-Packard started as a tech company in a garage. The first Apple computers were built in a garage. Amazon’s first work space was a garage. So, while it is best for your car to live inside the garage, perhaps there are some uses that will allow you to just buy a new car.

No matter what you have behind your garage door, you will want it well protected and you will want easy and comfortable access. So, turn your garage into your dream room and then make sure one wall of it is a beautiful garage door that works like a dream!