Does anyone still park their car in the garage?

Do your garage doors suit your garage use?In the old days, a garage would house a couple of cars, a lawn mower and a few garden tools. Although these are still staples for any homeowner’s garage, it’s also not hard to find people who are using the space to store all kinds of crazy and wonderful things. People need space to live, play, work and store their valuables. A well-built garage and a quality garage door make all of it possible.

The Garage as an Entertainment Center

As American society evolves, the use of the garage for covered parking seems to be fading. In fact, according to a recent survey, only 25% of households in the U.S. actually use their garage to house a vehicle.

In many instances, the garage is converted into a temporary living space. This includes game rooms, man caves, workshops and home gyms. As long as the space can be conditioned, the garage is the most cost effective way to add livable square footage. To keep the interior comfortable, most homeowners install an insulated garage door. Converting the space back into a functional garage is easy and cost effective. No matter what it’s used for, a quality garage door will help save energy by maintaining an even interior temperature.

It’s Just Temporary Storage

When closets overflow, the garage is the next logical choice for storage. This phenomenon continues to grow along with the size of the average garage. In fact, most people just can’t help themselves. When the car is pulled out and they see all that empty space, it’s just too tempting to resist moving all that clutter from inside the house into the garage. After all, out of sight is out of mind, right?

The Strange Things Hidden Behind Garage Doors

If you have something unusual tucked away in your garage, we’d love to hear about it. Whatever your garage is used for, it’s important to keep the contents safe and secure. The Overhead Door Company of Portland is a knowledgeable and professional dealer offering a complete array of garage door products and services. We encourage you to browse our website to learn more about the many advantages of installing a new automated garage door. When you’re ready, contact us by calling 503-252-5111 or filling out our online form.