Some people are reluctant to replace their garage door, even when it is clearly time. Some people are too quick to replace a garage door that only requires a simple and cheap fix. You don’t want to make an unnecessary investment in a new door if repair (or even paint!) are an easy fix; and you don’t want to struggle to access your garage and waste money trying to save a garage door that needs to go. So, the question is: When is it time to replace your garage door?

Long-Term Operational Issues

If your garage door has been working well and then has a problem suddenly, that is probably a repairable problem. If the door suddenly feels heavy, it’s probably a simple issue with a spring. If one side of the door suddenly starts sagging, it is likely that something is amiss with a spring or the motor. Call a professional to investigate whether it might be a problem with the garage door opener, a spring, the tracks, a sensor, gears, or one or the many other parts that go into a working garage door. Definitely do call a professional! It is possible that a change of batteries will fix your issue, but other issues can be very dangerous to fix on your own.

If, on the other hand, your garage door has a lingering, consistent issue that has either gone unaddressed or is frequently recurring, you will likely want to replace the door. Some mechanical issues caused by lifting and lowering the door hundreds of times cannot be fixed. 

Extensive Damage

If you need to replace a single panel on your garage door, then replace that panel. If it starts to be three of four panels that need to be replaced, then it might be more cost effective to replace the whole door. As the cost of garage doors has lowered, significant damage repair becomes less and less appealing. 

It could be a fallen tree that damaged a large portion of the door. It could be long-term wear and tear from inclement weather. Whatever the reason, definitely look at what a new door would cost before replacing a good amount of your current door.

If it is just one panel that got dented by an errant fastball, then not only should you plan on replacing that panel, but you should replace it as soon as possible! Any damage can unbalance the door and create further issues with the mechanism. Fix that damage before it turns into an issue that requires full replacement!

New Features

Even if your door is still working perfectly, if it is an older door, there may be features in new doors that are worth considering. It is sometimes possible to upgrade older doors, but not always. This would be a good conversation to have with a professional. 

Newer options that might make replacing your door tempting include: better security features, child safety features, increased energy efficiency, and more.

Increase Home Value

Replacing your garage door is a sound investment. In rankings and studies, it is consistently one of the top three home improvements whose costs are recouped in increased home value. Moreover, garage door replacement is significantly cheaper than the other improvements that often rank near the top. It is possible that you can achieve some increased value with a good new coat of paint. But more likely, you will want to look into replacement. 

Replacement also allows you to have a garage door that matched the current trends in style, appearance, and features. This will also help with your home’s value – and will probably help you enjoy your own curb appeal!

Whether you need a garage door repair, are looking to replace your entire door or simply want to discuss your options, call Overhead Door Company of Portland.