A personal connection is always better than a corporate face. When dealing with Overhead Door Company of Portland, you know who you are working with and you know you are supporting a long-standing local business in your community. In 1982, Jim Stumpf became the owner and president of the company, and was delighted to become a part of Overhead Door family.  Describing the innovative industry leader, Jim said, “Overhead door Company invented the original door back in 1921 and the garage door opener system in 1926. They’re kind of like the Ford of our industry.”


In the eighties, Jim’s team consisted of only six or seven people, but quickly expanded. The team is now a staff of 40, including many skilled technicians and many who have been part of the company for decades. Jim’s son, Ryan, was one of those early employees. Even as a child, Ryan helped his father (and the business) by inventorying parts, washing vehicles, and other kid-friendly tasks around the company.


Jim and wife, Sandy, have four children, all raised in the Portland area. Sandy engages in philanthropic work, supporting several charities and non-profits. Ryan grew up with three older sisters. (With a ready sense of humor, Jim would often tell young Ryan that he was his “favorite son”, until one day Ryan caught on and replied, “But I’m your only son!”.) While two of Jim and Sandy’s three daughters pursued other career interests, Jaimie Stumpf plays a vital role in the company, serving as the Commercial Project Manager. She oversees all contracts on the commercial side. Jim is proud to have two of his children working with him in the family business and in the development of the company they have built together.


2017 marked a significant change at Overhead door Company of Portland. Ryan Stumpf assumed the role of President, working in tandem with Jim as CEO. Having grown up in the family business, Ryan learned the varied aspects of the business from the ground up. He served as a Residential Installer and Commercial Service Manager, with an array of other positions in between. After obtaining his business administration degree at the University of Oregon, Ryan joined the company as a full-time team member in 2009.


Jim and Ryan Stumpf possess the same core values and vision for the company, which is often not the case with multi-generational businesses. The Stumpf family members also maintain an appealing and welcoming work environment. They feel strongly that their work atmosphere has to be open and honest, so no one is afraid to ask questions or present new ideas.


Ryan learned solid values from Jim and they both rank family as top priority, yet work hard and are dedicated to making Overhead Door Company of Portland a trusted resource for their customers and a satisfying workplace for their employees. When speaking about this balance, Ryan has said “My dad and I are extremely close, and working with him is great. We’ve always had this understanding that our relationship is more important than work – and we have never let our professional responsibilities compromise that… To be successful in business together, family members need to have honest, open dialogue and be aligned in their priorities and decision-making process. If there’s one thing my father has taught me, it’s that nothing is more important than family.”


The Stumpf clan are sports enthusiasts and love outdoor activities. Jim and Ryan are avid fans of the University of Oregon Ducks football team and share a love of cycling. Jaimie is a big Chicago Cubs fan (and recently – finally – has something to show for it!).


Now, when you call the Overhead Door Company of Portland, you’ll know that you are calling a family run business that has been serving Portland for decades. If you stop in, say hello to Jim, Ryan, and Jaimie – just don’t mention it if you’re a Beavers fan…! The entire company’s leadership team, including the Stumpfs, are proud of their reputation for stellar customer service and prominence in the industry. They are dedicated to continuing that tradition, as they serve both residential and commercial customers in the greater Portland area.


 '“We’ve always had this understanding that our relationship is more important than work – and we have never let our professional responsibilities compromise that.” - Ryan Stumpf.  Read this article from The Who's Who in Building & Construction for more on the Family Bonds of the Company. http://www.overheaddoorpdx.com/meet-family-behind-overhead-door-company-portland/'