Does your overhead garage door have an emergency battery backup system? If not, you might want to consider adding this valuable safety feature. Consider the benefits of including a battery backup with your garage door opener.

Garage doors are heavy! If for some reason, your garage door is not well balanced, it can be extraordinarily difficult to manually lift the garage door. (Another reason to make sure your door is well balanced!) So, opening the door manually during a power outage may be difficult. Also, some exterior garages only are accessible through the garage door, which can make it nearly impossible to enter when the power is disrupted.   

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Why have a Backup Battery?

Most homeowners are familiar with the difficulty that can come along with a blackout or a power outage. If a powerful storm ever causes an interruption of your home’s power, one concern may be getting into and out of the garage – how will your overhead door run? The main advantage of a battery backup for a garage door opener is that you can still get your car in or out if this ever happens. Your house can have power outage protection with a backup battery to keep your overhead door running. 

Battery backups can be included as part of the installation of a new garage door opener. If you are looking to add it to an existing opener, it can often be installed separately. Other advantages include:

  • It has a long battery life: A battery backup system can last up to three years maintenance free. There are no parts to maintain or to fuel. You may be notified when it is time to charge the battery, but otherwise, you can essentially set it up and leave it. 
  • It is easy to use: When facing an emergency like a power outage, the last thing you need to worry about is your garage door opener. With a battery backup, you are able to just operate the overhead door the way you normally would. There is no need to manually disengage the door or engage a different system. 
  • It is long lasting when in use: Most battery backup systems allow up to 50 door openings and closings within 24 hours of a power outage. To conserve battery life the door will open and close at a slower rate than normal, and the work light on your opener will stay off.
  • It is affordable: To find out exactly how affordable, give us a call at Overhead Door company of Portland. But whether you are including it with a new installation or adding it to an existing opener, we think the low cost is more than worth the benefit.

    What does the Backup Battery do?

    Backup batteries for your garage door opener will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you have an alternative to opening your garage door by hand if you find yourself without power. Hopefully, your garage door is working well enough that opening the door by hand is possible, but there are any number of reasons why that might be a hardship. So, many manufacturers make their garage door openers with backup capabilities. Backup batteries help to ensure your safety, security, and convenience during any situation.

    How else can you prepare your garage door for a power outage? 

    To avoid manually opening the largest moving part in your home, you can also use smart technology. There are options to control your overhead garage door open or close from your mobile device. There are many advantages to this mobile control beyond having more simple access to your garage under any circumstances. But when emergencies happen, this will help you to be as ready as possible. Your world doesn’t have to stop because of a few power lines, and we’re ready to help you plan.

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    Your home is your safe haven in the event of a snow or rainstorm, and it should perform like one. You can prepare for the possibility of downed power lines by getting a backup battery for your garage door opener. For more information about Overhead Door Company of Portland garage door openers or to schedule the installation of a new garage door opener, give us a call!

    Meanwhile, if you are already happy with your  garage door opener, but it does not include an emergency battery back up, contact us about adding one!