Elevator Door Smoke Curtains

Automatic Elevator Doors Smoke Curtains for fire and smoke protection.

System Description

Automatic Smoke Curtain for Elevator Doors

  • Automatic smoke protection with a high temperature classification (up to 650 degrees fahrenheit)
  • System width up to 10′ and drop length up to 10′ (tested)
  • System width up to 12′ and drop length up to 12′ (technical feasible)
  • System is tested according to UL 1784
  • Fabric is tested according to ASTM E84
  • Control unit is tested according to UL 8643
  • System with ICC-ES AC77 report
  • Translucent fabric with magnetic stripes on the edges (closing onto the elevator frame or auxiliary rails)
  • Auxiliary rails powder-coated (optional)
  • Automatic flap on the housing in case of fire alarm and self-closing flap
  • Drive unit with fail-safe technology (closing without auxiliary power)
  • Drive unit with 10,000 cycles, system with 200 cycles
  • Emergency exit by loosing magnetic stripes from the elevator frame or auxiliary rails
  • Re-opening switch (optional)

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Elevator Door Smoke Curtains

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