How to Keep Your Shop on Lock

Your brand makes a mark on the world long after you’ve closed your doors and gone home for the day. When people walk by your location, the merchandise they see through the glass reminds them to stop by later and investigate more, so a well-kept storefront is one of your greatest marketing weapons.

Unfortunately, your storefront isn’t just a big ad. To would-be criminals, it’s like what a lighthouse is to pirates: an enticing promise of easy plunder. While remaining accessible is an great way to cultivate a strong local presence, your business is worth constant protection. Here are some of the ways you can use commercial security grilles to safeguard what you’ve worked so hard to build.

Simplicity Is Often Supreme

There are a bewildering number of security techniques at the modern retailer’s disposal. For instance, you could hire someone to patrol your premises. Security cameras, alarms and similar automated systems also serve as significant deterrents, but in the end, international research suggests such solutions function better when they’re combined with other techniques. The mere appearance of a formidable grille is often enough to convince thieves and vandals that testing your alarm or trying to sneak through a CCTV blind spot isn’t worth the effort.

Who Uses Security Grilles and Why?

Commercial security grilles aren’t just for isolated retailers. They’re common in malls whose shops might not all close or open at the same time, and public venues like concert halls and transportation hubs use grilles to separate specific spaces from wide-open areas nearby. These facilities commonly install side-folding open air grilles that close like curtains yet still permit airflow and light infiltration.

You’ve probably noticed similar side-folding grilles that enclose larger spaces in airports, subway terminals and other big buildings. In addition to controlling human traffic, they stop pesky debris from rolling through facilities like tumbleweeds, and the fact that they can be deployed quickly makes them perfect for enforcing temporary closures or protecting public safety in case of emergencies. Upward coiling grilles are commonly used to this effect when space is limited.

Of course, we’ve barely scratched the surface of commercial grille technology. Barriers come in a wide array of materials, and some even include options like motor drives that make it easier for drowsy night managers to remember to close shop properly. Learn more about your options by visiting the Overhead Door Company of Portland, and keep your shop safer when you aren’t around to see what’s going on.