How about both?

Are you a fan of wood garage doors?Have you taken a good look at the front view of your house lately? Is your garage door askew, sagging, looking shabby or impossible to close because of all the stuff in the way? The street appeal of a house isn’t limited to landscaping and the front door. Garages are often the biggest part of a front façade and make a distinct impression to passersby.

A nationwide cost-to-value study by Remodeling Magazine found that Portland residents who replace their garage doors typically recoup over 100% of the total cost of the job. Replacing a garage door with a newer, more attractive style won’t just boost the street appeal of your home; it will also lower maintenance costs, depending on the type of material and style of door you select.


Garage doors are available in several types of materials, including wood, steel, vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum. Doors must be strong enough to withstand all kinds of weather, provide insulation to protect the interior from outside temperatures, and be attractive from the curbside. Although wood and steel are traditional favorites, newer products in vinyl and fiberglass are attractive and easier to maintain than actual wood garage doors. High-quality steel and vinyl doors come in a number of styles that look almost identical to wood without being burdened by the maintenance requirements of actual wood.

Wood is the most expensive material and requires the most maintenance of all. It’s also the most versatile for looks and finish but must be painted or stained, is highly vulnerable to water damage, and provides moderate to low insulation values (typically R-4 but can be as high as R-10).

Steel is strong, long-lasting, relatively maintenance-free and available in attractive designs compatible with a variety of architectural styles. Steel garage doors with wood-grain texture look like actual wood, and higher-end steel doors have two layers of galvanized steel with insulation values up to R-17.

Vinyl is available in classic designs compatible with most architectural styles. Vinyl doors with wood-grain texture look like freshly painted wood but, unlike wood, never peel. Vinyl is tough, doesn’t dent, repels water and is well insulated. A number of colors are available with today’s vinyl, and because of the permeability of the material, the color will stay looking great.

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