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Which door material will best suit your needs?

When you decide to buy a new garage door, it’s crucial to pick the right material for your home or business. Most garage door installers in Oregon offer several wood and steel options. The Chicago Tribune reports that steel has become very popular—only 1 out of 10 homeowners choose wood. Nonetheless, both materials have important pros and cons.


If you’re trying to conserve money, steel is probably the best choice. Basic wooden garage doors typically cost more than equivalent steel units. Also keep in mind that the total cost rises when you consider the extra maintenance that wood doors need.


Both materials can be vulnerable to certain types of deterioration, such as dents, rust and rot. You’ll need to stain a wooden garage door and perform other repairs more often than with steel. Portland’s damp climate puts wood at a disadvantage. Wood also offers less resistance to fire and hungry pests, such as ants or termites.

Some low-cost steel doors have thin panels that are prone to denting. Minor driving mistakes and wind-driven projectiles can mar these surfaces. Although a heavy-duty door costs and weighs more, it’s best to choose a thick, sturdy unit. Durability helps you save money in the long run—these doors last for decades with proper maintenance.


If a garage is connected to your home, you can cut heating and cooling expenses with an insulated door. Most steel units come with layers of built-in foam insulation. Wood panels usually don’t insulate rooms very well. However, this isn’t a significant concern for people with detached garages.


A lightweight door is easier to open, maintain and install. Like many steel products, metal garage doors weigh somewhat less than their wooden counterparts. This only becomes important when you plan to open and close them by hand. Garage door openers can lift either material without difficulty.


Attractive doors boost a property’s resale value and enhance your home or business’s appearance. Some homeowners prefer the look of wooden doors, especially if they own rustic buildings with wood siding. They’re popular in several upscale Portland neighborhoods. You can order wood doors in more styles and textures than steel units.

Aside from garage door material, it’s vital to choose a skilled contractor with quality products and installation. Every door is a wise investment when you benefit from Overhead Door Company of Portland’s long-term experience and commitment. We can help you choose the right doors to suit any building.

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