One of the many lovely aspects of the holiday season is seeing houses decorated as you drive or walk through neighborhoods – and also having an excuse to decorate your own home! Your garage door can be a particularly fun part of your home to spruce up with some cheer. Here are just a few (of the countless) ideas you might enjoy to brighten your garage door for the season.

Beautiful facade with Garage Doors

Use Garage Door Magnets 

If your garage door will hold a magnet, then this is a simple way to create all sorts of scenes and images. You can find large magnets or magnets specifically designed for garage doors. Relatively minimal effort can go a long way with these!

String Up Lights

You can use lights on your garage door to give it a festive look. This is also a nice way to tie it into any other decorations you may have on your house. Whether running them around the frame or creating a Christmas tree pattern on the door itself, you can never go wrong with lights.  

Use a Projector

A projector in the yard facing the garage can let you put a holiday scene that shines at night and disappears during the day. This also allows you to decorate your garage door without actually putting anything onto (or having to take anything off of) the door.

Add Fake Snow and a Wreath

Whether or not you live in a climate that is likely to see actual snow, you can bring some holiday cheer with fake snow. If you have windows in your garage, some spray snow can be quite effective. A simple wreath on the door can add an elegant touch of holiday spirit. The wreath could potentially go directly on the garage door or hang from the top frame. 

Hang Garland

Garland can provide color and texture to the area around your garage door. The garlands can even include details like ornaments, lights, and other decorative touches. It also may tie in nicely with other elements of your yard. 

Gift Wrap It

You can find paper in bulk or a large tarp or connect some sheets with festive patterns. Then wrap up your garage door to look like a large present! You can use paint or tape as the ribbon – or even just use actual ribbon. Sometimes you will see a front door wrapped up as a present, but a garage door present will be an even more joyful site.

Paint a Mural

Especially if your garage door is in need of a new coat of paint anyway, consider using the garage door as a canvas for a mural. Express yourself however you like! It could be entirely freehand or done with large stencils and tape. You could even paint a scene which is more winter themed rather than tied to a specific holiday, so that you can enjoy your work well into the new year.

Make the Door a Giant Snowman

With construction paper and tape, you can turn your garage door into a giant snowman. You might even tape a giant snowman face onto the garage door, and then place a hat or arms above and to the side of the door. Perhaps a bowtie? Let your snowman imagination run wild.

All of these ideas can add color and joy to your holiday decorations, and this is only a small list of the many possibilities. During the holiday season, your garage door becomes an inviting opportunity for artistic expression. As you create winter magic in your yard and the front of your house, don’t neglect to add festivity to your garage door for all to enjoy! 

Before you try any of these decoration ideas, you might want to double check that your garage door is in proper working order. Contact us if you need any repairs or updates, to make sure that your garage door can enjoy the entire holiday season.