Are you wondering how to keep your new garage in pristine shape? Is your garage door giving you issues? Garage doors protect your vehicle and possessions from the elements, and for many homes or businesses, provide a convenient entry point into a building. However, garage door systems have a lot of mechanical parts,  so you should not wait until one of them stops working before you service your garage door. Routine maintenance can help keep your garage door running smoothly day in and day out, as well as prevent inconvenient issues from turning into expensive problems in the future. 

What Gets Serviced? 

Rollers & Hinges

The rollers and hinges on your garage door system are susceptible to cracking and splitting, so they should be checked regularly. If you notice extreme shaking and vibrations when your garage door is in motion, it is possible that the rollers or hinges need to be repaired or replaced. Making any necessary repairs will help ensure these parts are secure and safe. 

Balance the Door

Springs are prone to breaking in the cold winter temperatures and age. If you notice your garage door moving up and down when it is halfway open, this is a sign that the torsion needs to be adjusted. An unbalanced door can place unnecessary strain on the garage door and its parts, so it is important to get it repaired. A professional technician can quickly assess the problem and balance your garage door. 


That annoying squeaking you hear when you open and close your garage door can typically be eliminated relatively easily with lubrication. Our technicians lubricate all metallic moving parts with a garage door lubricant to keep them moving smoothly. We will also check the motor and lubricate nylon parts with grease. It is particularly important to ensure everything is well lubricated in the winter to keep your garage door moving smoothly. 

Bottom Seal & Weatherseal 

Your garage door should not have any gaps that let in light or moisture. If it does, the weather seal or bottom seal may have incurred damage from animals, shrinkage caused by moisture, or both. If this is the case, these seals probably need to be replaced. This will help maintain the integrity of your garage door and can even help with your energy bill as it increases thermal efficiency.  

How Often Should you Service Your Garage Door?

It is important to service your garage door system at least twice a year. Routine maintenance not only keeps your garage door in working order, but it can also help you catch minor problems and prevent them from becoming more significant, costlier issues.  

You should service your garage door in the fall to ensure that it is prepared for colder winter temperatures. Another good time to have your garage door serviced is in spring when temperatures and moisture levels have changed. This will ensure you catch any new issues and prevent further damage. Being proactive in limiting damage to your garage door will help ensure its longevity for your home or business. 

Best Garage Door Maintenance in Portland

There are many different parts to your garage, and regularly servicing garage door systems will ensure that damaged pieces are replaced and that there aren’t any significant issues that will cause you significant problems down the road.

Overhead Door Company of Portland has been a trusted local business installing and servicing garage doors in the Portland, OR area for nearly 40 years. We stand behind our work, guaranteeing it with service and maintenance for the life of your garage door. Contact us to schedule an appointment today. 

Image Source: GagoDesign / Shutterstock